Ghost Pictures to View and Discuss

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From Hampton Court to Haiti and from Birmingham to your own bedroom, people are capturing ghost pictures on their film and digital cameras.  In fact, it could be considered to be a worldwide phenomenon.

The subject of ghosts is certainly not new and spans back decade after decade, century after century in every culture across the globe.  Man has always had a fascination with and obsession about ghosts.  The popularity of ghost pictures, though, stems from the fact that most people need to see one to believe in one and images are the best way to convey proof of a spirit’s existence.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to fake pictures and try to fool other people, a practice which only serves to discredit the entire subject.  Therefore genuine samples of spirit photography are very sought-after in many circles.

Here at Ghost2stories, we’re not out to discredit anyone, nor are we necessarily holding up any one sampling as 100% authentic.  Instead, we seek out images we can post here without violating anyone’s copyrights and provide a location for discussion to take place.  I’m sure at first discussion will be slow, but hope that over time it will pick up.  We’ve to start somewhere.

Now, we’re not going to post any obvious fakes, nor are we going to manufacture or manipulate photos to make them appear paranormally inclined, so to speak.   We’ll present the most authentic ghost pictures we can and leave it up to the readers to decide what they think.  I will likely offer my sentiments, but don’t expect them to always be slanted in one direction or another.  I have been known to be a skeptic.

Which reminds me…a quick word about orbs –

Some folks believe that orbs are bright, luminous globes of light and essentially the manifestation of a spirit.   Other folks believe that orbs are nothing more than bright, luminous globes of plain old ordinary dust!   I personally don’t believe that orbs are not spirits, but do think that most of them are floating moats or insects that happen to be picking up beams of light that twinkle in the camera lens.  I have seen several very convincing examples of orbs that do seem to be sentient and don’t seem to be insects or dust at all.   That means, that orbs are allowed on this site, but only those that are convincingly spiritual in nature.  Please respect our decision on this and be respectful when visiting the site and engaging with others.

As new material is found, I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the discussion and the possible analysis that is about to ensue. If not, I thank you for visiting.  Maybe there’s another area here that you would be more interested in.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some ghost pictures!



Klinemaster on Youtube posted this picture compilation.  What do you think?




Here are some creepy photos of unexplained extras in photos by Mega News:



Let’s break this one down. First, take a look at a few of the images show in this video.  Take a look at the below and click on any image that interests you. You’ll get an expanded view. The titles? They’re my own. I made them up just have something to go along with the plugin!  You’ll see they’re compelling photos, but don’t forget to watch the video, too.





Another compilation of creepy photos. This one by Asian Nine.



And what’s going on inside this little gem?  Let’s take a look at only four of the ghostly pics contained in the video above.  Click on an image in the gallery to expand the view. Again, all titles are mine!




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