Haunted Highway

If you’re ever up on Highway 276 at night, in late summer or early fall, you might want to be careful. People have said the road is haunted.

They say that a tall, shadowy figure has been seen running across the road, then disappears. People have said that it’s alarming to have someone dart out in front of their care like that. That it seems like they might have hit someone, but then that person just disappears. People have said they think it’s a ghost.

If you’re out on Highway 276, you might want to avoid that one spot under the oak tree out in front of the old Sanderson place. Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s the place where the road curves around and when the sun is just right, you can’t see anything.

Unless you’re a person crossing the road at just the right time.  In that case, you would see the car barreling around the corner just before it hit. But if you’re the driver of the vehicle, you’d have no idea until it was too late.

How do I know this? It’s what happened to me.

All I can do now is stand by the side of the road and wait. For what, I don’t know. But I know it scares people sometimes.

Can I get a lift?



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