Molvo’s Creation

Ed gazed through binoculars at the creature across the ravine as it crept, slithering along the ground like a menacing snake with legs.

It was difficult to make out in the dark, but it appeared to be a giant insect. Its eyes glowed red and its face was green with gleaming mandibles that closely resembled fangs. While it skulked along the ground, on other occasions, Ed had seen it walk upright, its two front legs held in front like the forelegs of a mantis.

Ed spied the Alien bug through the binoculars and grabbed another handful of popcorn from the bag.  He’d been on  duty for several nights in a row and it was getting exciting. He’d already seen four of the creatures emerge from their holes. This bug-drama and insect creepiness was like watching a movie on SyFy. As the thing slid across the ground its head remained perfectly still and judging by its size, it was obviously able to eat animals as well as humans. This one seemed locked onto something good.
Ed called over his shoulder, “Hey guys! It’s moving. You gotta see this!” Kingman and Scott raised their binoculars to get a glimpse of Ed’s find.

“That thing is huge,” said Kingman, reaching around and stealing a handful of popcorn from Ed’s sack.

“Yep,” replied Ed, slapping his hand.

“But take a look in the background. What’s that?” asked Scott. He lifted his arm and pointed in the bug’s direction.

“I believe what you’re referring to are the remains of the other two or three that were there last night.”

“Really? Are they dead?” as Scott.

“It appears so. They were moving around yesterday, but today I noticed they’re just lying there.  I think that one might killed them and is slowing eatin them.”

Kingman shivered in disgust. “The thing looks like a cross between a centipede and a praying mentis.”

“How long before the military catches on?” asked Scott.

“I think we might have action now,” said Ed as an overhead light illuminated the area. The trio leaned in closer to watch. There was no sound, but the group could make out the silhouette of a large chopper hovering over the bug.

The bug lurched forward in apparent reaction to the chopper.  It began to run in its lurching fashion.

The side of the chopper said MOLVO.

“MOLVO? This isn’t a military operation, this is the company that makes pesticides. It looks like the latest product is causing great mutations!” whispered Ed in disbelief.

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