The Haunted Cemetery

One of the most shocking moments in my life was when my friends and I encountered a ghost in a haunted cemetery. Here’s how it happened . . .

We heard about a legendary cemetery in Maine that was supposedly haunted. The legend said that the ghost is ancient and protects the land from intruders in order to preserve its sacredness. Exploring haunted places was the kind of thing my friends and I absolutely loved so out of curiosity, we made the drive to Maine, to a little town that was barely visible on the map. Arriving there, we asked a local how to get to the cemetery. The old man we talked to said we’d have to be willing to do some walking. Turns out the cemetery was located in the middle of a forest.

Eager to get there, we followed the old man’s directions, making our way through the forest without ever seeing another living soul. Eventually, we parked and had to hike from there in order to get to the cemetery.

As a kid, I was a risk-taker. I don’t know if I just had more guts or if it was just that I was unaware of my mortality. It was probably the latter, because I never thought anything bad could happen to me. I remember splitting off from the group to do some exploring on my own. I would never do that now, that’s for sure!

Anyway, on my solo-adventure I went down a hill and found a brook that was bubbling and gurgling serenely through the forest. Standing by the water’s edge I heard a low whisper. When I turned around, I saw someone–a male figure that looked like a Native American Indian. At first I didn’t think he was a ghost because he was so solid and real-looking. He stood there staring at me silently.  His eyes were dark and he bore no facial expression.

Needless to say, once I got back to the group and told them the story, we took off out of there as fast as we could.  About halfway back to the car, we heard a voice mutter words in a language we couldn’t understand. When we turned around, we saw the man I had seen in the woods standing at the edge of the clearing. He was trying to communicate with us, but we couldn’t understand what he was saying. Then he just vanished as though he never existed and the forest fell dead quiet.

I will never forget our encounter that day but I will never go back there because the one experience was good enough for me, not to mention very frightening. I never want to see another ghost because I was scared for my very life. Even though he seemed like he didn’t want to harm us, I still won’t take a chance. That one and only time was enough to convince me that there really are ghosts in this world, and some of the dead do communicate with us when we disturb their rest.


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