The Haunted School

“Your go!” Sam shouted, as he placed his cards down.

“You’re too good at this game,” Francis responded, a sad look on his face. “You always win.” Sam sighed.

“Wanna do something else?”

“Like what?” asked Sam.

“Well, we could go out, venture around. Get into some trouble.”

Sam smiled. “Sure, let’s go!”

The pair stepped outside where a blood-orange was setting behind a bank of grey clouds. The night was theirs and the woods down the street were empty, awaiting their arrival.

“Shall we?” asked Francis.

Sam looked at him wearily. “If you think it’s a good idea. You lead the way.”

He followed Francis into the dark woods where owls hooted and bats flew in the night.

“Spooky!” Sam exclaimed, with a weary look on his face.

“If you’re scared, we can always go back.” Francis grinned and kept walking.

“Wow, look over here! What’s this?” In the middle of the clear stood an old schoolhouse. “Is this that school that everyone thinks is haunted?” Sam asked, now more scared than ever.

“No, it couldn’t be. That’s just an old ghost story anyway.”

“Ya know,” Sam said, “I heard this school nearly burned down once. The head teacher here was a crazy old woman. After she got fired, she came back and tried to set it ablaze. Didn’t work though. They caught the fire before it spread.” Francis’ smile turned to sinister grin.

“My parents told me about that when I was a kid. Like I said, old ghost story.”

They approached the building and stepped across the threshold that was missing its door . Francis picked up a decaying ruler. “Everything here is so old. I wonder how long this place has been here?” he pondered.

Sam took a seat in an old child’s desk. The desk groaned in protest, making them both jump.

“Hey, nothing to be afraid of,” Sam said, glancing about nervously. He walked over to a sagging closet door, and pulled it open. He was greeted by a cloud of dust flew out, followed by a ghastly black figure that whisked past his head, leaving behind a swirling trail of icy air.

“Holy crap!” Sam jumped back, horrified.

“Where did it go?” Francis shouted before they took off down the hall, in pursuit of the wraith.

“What do you think that was?” asked Francis.

“I think it was something that’s been dead a long time” Sam replied. His face, white. “Stay right here, Francis. I’m gonna check it out.”

“No, wait! Don’t leave me here alone!” shouted his friend, but Sam had already taken off.

Sam raced through the building, inspecting every room and closet as he went while Francis tried frantically to follow behind. Sam found an old door that lead to the basement and opened it. When he did, the black figure emerged and sucked Sam into itself, then dragged him kicking into the basement.

“Sam?? Sam, where ARE you?” Francis shouted as he searched. He was terrified that some evil might befall his friend. When Francis found the basement door, he reached out and slowly turned the knob. Then he descended the stairs, each step creaking as he went. When he got to the basement, he saw Sam hanging upside down from a rope.

“SAM!!!!!” Francis screamed.

There was a note tied to Sam’s legs:

“Nobody comes into my school without permission.”

“Huh??” Francis asked, confused.

The ghostly figure flew out from under the stairs, and vanished deep into the cavernous basement with Francis in tow.



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