Famous Ghost Stories

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The Scariest Collection of Ghosts Caught on Tape

The best scary ghost videos are here. Come in and watch the ghosts caught on tape.
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Debunking Ghosts – Surprising Phenomenon You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

With all this talk about ghosts, it’s easy to get carried away and mistake the mundane for the paranormal. So it’s time for some healthy skepticism. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be truthful about...
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Ghosts, Hauntings and Halloween

Welcome to Ghosts2Stories.com, where things go bump in the night. This site is alive with all manner of the undead like ghosts, spirits and other supernatural entities. If you love ghost stories and learning about the phenomena of the paranormal realm, this site is for you.

Along with ghosts comes spookiness and it’s easy to find here. In just about any section of this site, you’ll find riveting accounts that will chill you or make your shiver in your shoes. At the very least, you’ll find yourself wondering who is that sneaking up behind you!

To get you started, you can choose from categories like these:

But … there’s more.

You’ll find creepy ghost videos and an ever-expanding index of high-quality ghost movies, in case you’re hankering for a scare, but don’t know what to watch. There’s nothing better than an atmospheric haunted house movie to set the mood, whether it’s an ordinary Saturday night or if it’s the height of Halloween season.

Haunted Woods Drawing

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If you want to discover some new haunted places, like real haunted houses, haunted hotels, or haunted inns and pubs, follow on of the links around here and enjoy the info. It couldn’t be easier to get your supernatural horror!

Any day is a fun day to get scared at any time of year, but some seasons are scarier than others. And what’s the best time for ghost hunters and ghost lovers?  Halloween!  Which is why this site also acknowledges that special autumnal holiday. I’m sorry, but Ghosts and Halloween go together.

It’s just right.

Now no matter what your taste in ghostly entertainment, I’ve gathered some really fun and spooky activities for you when you’re hanging out and your attention goes to ghosts. That’s because sometimes you just want to get scared.

What will you get when you visit Ghosts2Stories.com?  Hours of fascinating reading and horrifying fun.

Realize some of the stories here may not be appropriate for young audiences. So parents, please use discretion. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Be sure to keep an eye out for downloads scattered around the site, too. I know that reading ghost stories online can be inconvenient. It’s much better to read using a tablet or even to print it out and take it to with you where ever you might be going. Therefore, I do offer some free downloads so you can grab and go. If you do download, please tell your friends about me and/or share my site on social media. The more the merrier!  Just don’t re-post or sell my stuff because that is just not cool.

And finally, for those folks who enjoy writing a good ghost story, check back often for contents. I’d love for you all to participate!

Meantime, take your time and browse the site. Then, come back often and enjoy the party!

-Brenda, Webmaster

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