8 Super-Scary Halloween Activities for Adults

Halloween is for the young at heart, but it’s not just for kids. There are many Halloween activities for adults that will leave you and your friends shivering in your shoes while you live it up on October 31st.

If you’re having a Halloween party or get together and need ideas for things to do on Halloween, this list of Halloween activities for adults will get your creative juices flowing. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?

And now, for your list of Halloween Activities for Adults…

#1 Horror Movie Charades

It’s true! This a fun game at a party or get together with friends. As the name implies, this is the classic game where folks try to guess what you’re trying to say, but you can’t use your voice. But in this Halloween version, the topics are all horror movie-based.

I like to use for things like this because there is so much useful info there. In this case, you’re going to go there and use the advanced search tool to make up a list of words before the party.

On the IMDB site, just type in “horror” as a topic and take a look at what comes up. In the different query results, you’ll likely find words that relate specifically to the horror movie genre. That’s what you want.

Make up a list from those selections. You can type it or handwrite it, whichever works for you. Then either cut or tear the list into strips, folding each carefully to conceal the name written on it.

Make up a list from those selections. You can type it or handwrite it, whichever works for you. Then either cut or tear the list into strips, folding each carefully to conceal what’s written on it.

Or, you can just buy a Halloween Charades game like the ones they sell on Amazon.

Try to fold each piece so they’re the same size and shape as much as possible. Place these list packets in a bowl or hat and voila! You’ve got the topics for your horror movie charades game!

#2 Scary Movie Trivia

This is another Halloween activities for adults game that requires some brainstorming. Make a list of your favorite scary movies. Again, go to IMDB and look them up. In each IMDB listing, there is a section for trivia about the movie or the actors, etc.

Use that information to create questions. Write those questions down on index cards. Then, play your game Jeopardy-style or come up with your own rules.

#3 Play Hide and Seek in the Woods…at Night

If your home is situated on some acreage, you have the perfect set up for this. In fact, I wouldn’t want you to do this anywhere else. The big downside about this is safety, so take that into account and think ahead. Make sure your place doesn’t have any rocks or logs laying on the ground that people could trip over.

You’ll also want to place lighting in advantageous areas so people can see where they’re going. It could also be played at dusk while there’s still enough daylight to see.

Hide and Seek at Night
Image by Tomasz Pro

Once you have the safety issues worked out, the game is what it sounds like. Hide in the woods and try not to be found.

Whoever is “it,” looks around until they find every player. The first one found, gets to be it on the next round. Nothing could be spookier on Halloween. Just be sure nothing unsavory jumps out at you!

#4 An Evening of Murderous Intent

This is pretty much an elaborate, real-life game of Clue, where each guest is a player in the game, and each has his or her own identity and personality traits. And of course, one of those players is the murderer.

The object of the game is to collect clues throughout the evening and then guess who the murderer is. The person who figures it out first wins the game.

You should ensure people don’t randomly blurt out peoples’ names. By the way, there are many of these games for purchase on Amazon. Like this one:

Take the idea a step further and make the game the party’s theme and mention it on the invitation.

You could provide information about the game before the party and assign each guest their character. That way, people could come in costume, already dressed as their character.

#5 Costume Contest

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can have different categories to make it more fun. You could also have people vote by putting their choice in a bowl. All votes can be gathered up and tallied.

You could also solicit votes by going around the room during the party and hand out paper and pencils.

Announce the voting during the party periodically to remind people. Have the drawing at a particular time at the climax of the party.

Different categories could be the funniest costume, most original, scariest, or maybe even most out of character to the way a person really is.

Put the contest on the invitation so when people receive it they can start strategizing their costume and how to win. Maybe play up the prize a bit.

#6 Blood-Curdling Contest

When thinking up Halloween activities for adults, this one is a screamer. What I mean is, it’s noisy. It’s best done in a rural location, so you don’t disturb the neighbors. The gist is, you’ll have a screaming or a howling contest at your party.

Again, you could have different categories like the loudest scream, best howl, highest-pitched, most blood curdling, etc.  Have the crowd help you vote.

#7 Ghost Stories Contest

Sit around the campfire and share your favorite ghost stories. Let the crowd vote. Make it spookier by holding a flashlight to your face while you tell it.

Again, announce it on the invitation that guests should come prepared with a ghost story, whether they have it on paper or out of their head. You could also allow people to find short stories on Amazon and tell them, too.

Flashlights are a good idea for those who are reading off paper. Need a ghost story? Check out this page.

#8 Pumpkin Decorating

Everyone knows about pumpkin carving, but what about pumpkin decorating? Yes, you read that right. Pumpkin decorating.

With this activity, you use paint, markers, glue, paper, scissors, glitter–anything you can think of to decorate your pumpkin without cutting into it.

No muss, no fuss, and no pumpkin guts.

On the other hand, if you carve a pumpkin, you could have some roasted pumpkin seeds or pumpkin bars. The choice is yours!

I hope these ideas for Halloween activities for adults has gotten you thinking of things you can do this spooky season. You know you want to scare your friends. So get on out there and do it!

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