Amityville Horror, Book or Movie

You may be thinking, “Amityville Horror book or movie? Which one should I choose this weekend?” The answer is simple. The Amityville Horror was a very scary movie in its time, but this one case where book trumps movie. This happens a lot, I know, but in this case there are numerous distinct difference. Read on to find out what they are.

When I read the Amityville Horror book, it was a paperback I consumed in two evenings.

I have to say it was a real page turner. It made me forget all my chores and kept me off the computer for a change. The lack of chores was a good thing – anything to get me out of that is always welcome.  So it’s quite nice to find something that will hold my attention for long periods like that.  😉

The Amityville Horror begins when a young couple (James Brolin and Margot Kidder), both on their second marriages, buy an undervalued waterfront house complete with boathouse. It’s a very nice house considering the neighborhood and the price, but there’s a catch . . . the house was the site of a grisly murder. (Not just one victim was murdered, either. The entire family was brutally killed in their sleep. Not good.)

The couple decides to take their chances as this break could mean a lot to their family. They sign the papers and as they take a u-turn to make out in the closet to celebrate their good fortune, the realtor is wondering how the heck she ever got the couple to sign the papers (not really, the realtor isn’t aware the place is haunted … yet). Later, though, their priest (Rod Steiger) really does hightail it – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Soon after they move in, a “flock” of nasty flies shows up, unexplained noises occur and things start to move around on their own. The youngest child makes an imaginary friend named Jodie who grows exceedingly temperamental.

At first, the family is on a high as they can’t believe their good fortune, but after awhile, they too, grow temperamental. They actually begin turning on each other. However, it’s when the priest is told to “GET OUT!” by a disembodied voice, that all hell breaks loose. Literally. The house is overrun by an evil presence and one-by-one its members succumb to possession.

The Movie is Now a Classic

You’re probably already familiar with the story since the movie was made in 1979 and a remake was done in 2005 (starring Ryan Reynolds). But I read the book before the original movie was made and I’m telling you, the book is much better, more realistic and much more convincing. There are also many more details covered in the book than in the movie, many of which really makes the story scary.

If you love haunted house movies (go here), you’ll like The Amityville Horror. However, if you want to be really scared, you’ve gotta read the book. Available in paperback on Amazon.

I hope this page, Amityville Horror Book or Movie helped you decide which one to choose. But if you still can’t decide try them both!

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