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A Word on Ghosts and Animals

It’s my personal belief that animal ghosts exist. It’s also my belief that in order to be a ghost, you must have a soul (a soul and a spirit being pretty much the same things).  This area of animals, souls and the afterlife is quite controversial and while this site does not argue politics or religion, it’s safe for me to say that some religions don’t believe that ghosts have souls. Recently though, the Pope for one, has mentioned the possibility of this. This mention caused quite a stir which you can read about here.

Despite the controversy, it is my opinion that anyone who doesn’t believe that animals are spirits or that animals don’t have souls has never met my dog. She’s adorable and has a personality that won’t quit. I’ve even seen her “use” her cuteness to get treats!

In this photo, for example.

She’s modeling the new outfit that Grandma sent her. As you can see, her lips are curled up in a happy howl because just as I snapped this picture, I told her to say hi to Grandma. She loves Grandma because Grandma always gives her cheese! Cheese is her favorite food.

I Can’t Be the Only One

Other pet owners must know what I mean. This is not a zombie-dog that doesn’t think or have emotions – although now that I think of it, a zombie dog would make a great Halloween costume.  No, my dog doesn’t shuffle around, drooling out of one side of her mouth. She’s very much alert, alive and when she likes something, she will certainly howl to let you know. And the above is proof!

I don’t think about animal ghosts often, but I just don’t think animals have no souls. Even the birds outside my window can be seen to become aggressive and fiercely defend their young or food supply. I’ve seen how the more beautiful ones strut around proudly as if they “know” they’re beautiful.

On some level, even those small animals have some sort of consciousness. I do have to say I’ve never personally encountered an animal ghost and I guess if the world can’t decide conclusively if ghosts exist at all, the official jury will be out for awhile on the subject of animal spirits.

Until then, the entire subject is a matter of opinion and the above is mine.

The following video, is food for thought on the subject. I found it on Indigo Neisian’s channel over at YouTube. Give it a watch and see what you think. It could be a camera trick, but if nothing else, it’s an opportunity to ponder whether the animal kingdom is part of the spiritual realm or not.






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