Haunted Waverly Hills Apparition Video

And Two Others

Video #1 Waverly Hills Apparition

Waverly Hills is one of the most renowned haunted locations in the US. It’s an old sanatorium that treated people with tuberculosis. If you haven’t heard, tuberculosis was responsible for thousands of deaths a few decades ago. It’s an infection of the lungs that spreads through coughing, sneezing etc. Many times, an infected person will show no symptoms until its too late. Half the people who contract the illness die because they discover it too late. Back in the day, people were sent to sanatoriums to recuperate, but usually they died.

Waverly Hills was such a place and its rooms were filled with the sick and dying. It is said to be very haunted and attracts countless paranormal researchers and ghost enthusiasts each year.

In this apparition video, Screamparanormal at Youtube appears to have caught an apparition on film. Take a look and see what you think.



Video #2 What does a ghost really look like?

Nobody’s sure what happens after we die although plenty of people are curious about it. Many of us believe that death is not the end. If you take a look at what categorizes us as living beings, it’s that we have a functioning, animated body. After we die the body becomes inanimate, almost as though the person or the personality leaves it.  You could say that as living entities we are spirits animating our bodies.

This life force or energy that animates a body is made up of energy. It has awareness and can dictate plans for its future. If you could actually see it, what would this energy actually look like? Wouldn’t it be possible for the energy to look just like that . . . like energy, rather than an image of the body the person used to inhabit? An image of a person’s body is what most people think of when they look for ghosts.

In this video, presented by MzScrpio69 at Youtube, we are presented with the image of a still, empty room. In the darkness, a small bolt of lightning is seen. Could this be what spiritual energy actually looks like and the manifestation of a disembodied spirit?



Video #3 Cemetery Haunting

Even in daylight, cemeteries can be creepy with row after row of graves and acre after acre of headstones. All those dead people laid to rest and we are free to walk among them. Intending no disrespect towards the dead by burying them like this, but cemeteries can be scary.

The following video shows a small creature moving amongst the graves. Its size can be judged by the folks who pass it by. It moves up into the tree, then jumps down as the people pass. It may or may not be paranormal, but the thought of a ghost scurrying amongst the graves could make your next visit to a graveyard a little more guarded.

Take a look at this video by Eternitybyme and see what you think.



I’m always on the hunt for an apparition video and will post more when we find them. I hope you’ll come back to Nightmare House often to check out our new additions.



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