Blackberry River Inn

The US was settled in the East as folks came over from Europe. The Blackberry River Inn, is a haunted bed and breakfast located in the East in the Northwest corner of Connecticut. Besides being a picturesque area to visit becuas eof its rural setting, there is a lot of history not only Revolutionary War history, but colonial history, too.

The Blackberry River Inn was built in about 1763 and was originally a home, well, a mansion. It is currently described as a country estate after being made into an in 1919 and part of the National Historic record in 1984. It’s described as a GEorgian Revival archictecture. The original structure (1763) was altered considerably in the early 1900s and looks very diferent today.

Interiors beautiful with numerous fireplaces and windowseats.
rich wood floors and wainescotting
window lined dining area, looks like a porch
available for weddings and gatherings.
drawing room on the ground floor, is paneled with dark wood. there is a sofa and several reading chairs arranged in the center of the room. The fireplace there nearly reaches the ceiling.
numerous suites with overstuffed chairs and comfortable beds.
breakfast int he dining room appears to be buffet style.

the outisde has a driveway under arches and columns, protecting those who arrive from the rain and sun.

ghost haunts the second floor. some say it is seth mosely,

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