Haunted Brumber Mansion

Built in 1910, Brumder Mansion is typical of many early 20th century mansions built in the Midwest and guess what? It’s haunted!  Made almost entirely of brick, heavy and massive in appearance (houses have to be in the Midwest. The weather is very harsh), yet at the same time, very elegant and tasteful, this house takes one back to a different time when houses were designed for and built around individuals, not the “one size fits all” tract homes we have today.

George Brumder was a Milwaukee businessman who built the house for his eldest son and his wife.  He lived there until 1920 when he sold it to Samuel Picks, a reputed gangster who supposedly ran a speakeasy in the basement. It then became a boarding house up until the 1950s, when the Lutheran church bought it and turned it into a parsonage. During the 60s and 70s it served as administrative offices and as a coffee house where local bands could play.

Most of the hauntings and paranormal events attributed to Brumder Mansion are of a harmless and mischievous nature. The worst of it seems to be a Victorian lady who haunts the “Gold Room” and who has a strong dislike of dogs.  Several people have reported that while staying in that room, they have felt that their pets were in great danger of being harmed or even killed when there was no physical presence there to indicate that this was the case. The feeling was strong and real enough to compel them to remove their animals from the room. This ghost calls herself “Aunt Pussy” but her real name is Susan.

The house is liberally festooned with all sorts of strange and creepy antiques, odd little dolls and figurines that according to many paranormal researchers, act as “attractors” for spirits and ghosts. Possibly because at one time the object was a treasured possession of that person, it became an obsession to the point where that person continued to cling to it even after death.  Many people who have stayed there have mentioned being kept awake at night by some garrulous spirit.


In  Amber92976’s Youtube video below, these folks attempt to contact the spirits in the house. See what you think and if the mansion is haunted as they say it is.


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