Haunted Calvados Castle

As castles go, Calvados Castle is quite a late comer, having been built in 1835 on top of an earlier structure.  No one is too sure as to what that was, how old it is, or if it too, was a castle. You could say that the house was built with a “Neo Norman” or “Norman Revivalist” style of architecture. Norman architecture was a style of Romanesque architecture that cropped up in Northern France during the 1000s and 1100s. There were a lot of variations on it so I’m using the term very loosely. In its earliest manifestations it is very primitive and crude. It became more refined, graceful and elegant as time went on but never really lost the sort of heavy, ponderous and somewhat unrefined feel that was originally attached to it. You can still see this in Calvados, despite the fact that it is only “imitation” Norman and was built 700 years after this style was current.


Calvados Castle – The Story

In 1865 it was inherited by a family who recorded some pretty extreme poltergeist activity. They refused to note their real names in the accounts, only referring to themselves as “Mr. and Mrs. X”.  There are only written records of the events so we have to trust that they were being truthful about what they heard and saw, as this was 1875.  Photographic equipment was too crude and slow to record anything, and there was no such thing as even a wax cylinder recorder yet, much less a tape or digital audio recorder. There was also a rumor going around that the whole thing was a hoax, perpetrated in an effort to get the family to leave. This seems unlikely as there is no one named as the instigator, and many of the events described below would be almost physically impossible to pull off without being detected.


These hauntings seemed to have an area known as the “Green Room” as the epicenter. One morning at 2am Mr. X recorded the sound of someone stomping up the staircase to the Green Room and then a deafening hammering on the door. At one point the ghost played the organ (which was locked), sent furniture flying about the house and last but not least sent a column of water rushing down the chimney that extinguished a fire there and expelled ashes and burning coals onto the face of the children’s tutor. The sound of a screaming woman, getting progressively worse and worse each night, was also heard coming from the Green Room. This went on for about three months.


In January of 1876 the family decided enough was enough and called in a priest to do an exorcism. During the exorcism it was reported that there was a male voice taunting the priest, a woman screaming, loud bangs and booms were heard, and at the very end a demon screamed out in pain and despair as it left the house. Apparently this only stopped the activity temporarily. It started back up after the priest left and the family decided that the situation was hopeless and moved out.


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