Camp Ghost Story

It was early spring when my buddies and I decided to go camping in the mountains of Montana. We wanted to get out and enjoy some nature. The drive was difficult because of the weather and the fog was just ridiculous, with visibility as low as six feet. When we finally made it to the campsite, it was dark and lighting the fire was difficult. After a time, though, we settled in and slept after a time.

Camp Ghost

The next day, we headed off to try to find more firewood. When we got back to the campsite everything was rearranged like a human had been there. The damage was not done by a bear or animal. I’m talking about things like perfectly balanced upturned bottles and snow formations created around our tent and campsite. The weirdest thing of all was a 3-foot hole dug about two feet deep.  It looked like a machine had dug it. It was perfectly round and creating it would’ve made noise we definitely would have heard. It was creepy.

We never found out what happened, but later that night we heard something sobbing deep in the woods and it was no bear. It sounded more like a baby crying. Like a baby that had been crying for hours and was tired,  but continued to wail because of whatever was happening to it. It was heart wrenching. We decided to investigate.

When we got closer, it stopped abruptly. With my heart pounding, I couldn’t hear a single thing in the woods except the wind. Suddenly, a scream rattled our valley. We packed everything up and took off to the car. We could still hear the screams and it sounded like whatever it was, it was getting closer and closer every second. This was the scariest moment in my life because I had no clue what it  was and the power of its scream far exceeded my own.

I figured it had enough power to take me or hurt me because its scream alone was able to frighten the hell out of me. I don’t tell the story much now because most folks don’t believe me, but it’s true.

I’ve heard of several disappearances in the same place, but they’re always explained away as bear attacks or hikers getting lost, but I know what’s going on. There’s a reason no bodies have been found out there in the mountains for 20 years. Something keeps taking hikers and innocent people. It’s been doing this for twenty years and no one has a clue. There have been up to 100 disappearances out there in the past twenty years and not a single body. It is a pretty public area so someone should have found one at some point but no one has. It is truly scary to think about.

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