Debunking Ghosts – Surprising Phenomenon You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

With all this talk about ghosts, it’s easy to get carried away and mistake the mundane for the paranormal. So it’s time for some healthy skepticism.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to be truthful about ghosts because it does nobody any good to foster superstition.

When considering an instance of what may be considered paranormal, keep these surprising causes in mind. It may save you from seeing something that isn’t there. You might also be interested in these ways to tell if your house is haunted.

Meteors Can Cause EVP

Isn’t that idea out of this world? Literally, it is and it’s 100% true. I didn’t even know meteors were that common until I discovered this fact. When I think of meteors, I think of the movie Armageddon, where one comes to Earth, and kiss your booty goodbye.

Turns out, catastrophic space rock events only come to Earth every few million years or so. But, about 100 tons of dust, debris, and rock hits the Earth’s surface every day. 100 tons!

There’s good news, though. As rock and metal penetrate Earth’s atmosphere, they heat up to super-high temperatures, then burn up as they approach. Therefore, we rarely sense the impact.

The thing is, as they’re flying by, they have the ability to interfere with radio signals and other electronics. This is why you can be in Alaska and pick up a radio station in Mexico, for example, although that may be an extreme example. The point is, you can pick up signals far away from their originating source, which can make some people think they’re hearing voices from beyond.

Meteors can cause EVP
Image by laocaohenmang

Here’s How They Cause EVP

As they fly by or burn up, as is the case with falling stars, they can affect radio waves. In fact, they can cause radio signals and voices to appear where they normally wouldn’t.

The result is a radio broadcast many miles from its point of origin that shows up on your voice recorder. Imagine living in Wyoming and hearing Mexican radio. Or talking that doesn’t sound like a radio show. That’s what I’m talking about.

While this sounds far-fetched, it is. But it’s a scientific fact and one you probably wouldn’t ordinarily realize. I guess Chicken Little was right. The sky really is falling and it happens every single day whether you realize it or not.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check it out on JPL’s site here.

Low Frequency Sounds Cause “Haunted” Feelings

Now this one seems to be a likely cause for many phenomena.

You know how dogs can hear high-pitched sounds that humans can’t? For humans, low-frequency sound waves, those that are just out of our range of hearing, can cause strange phenomena in our behavior and perception. It can disrupt balance and cause exhaustion. It can also contribute to hypnotic states.

This perspective begs the question: Those foreboding feelings people experience when they think they’re encountering something paranormal–are they really paranormal or is there a low-frequency sound occurring in the area?

EMF Can Play Tricks on You

Electromagnetism occurs when an electric current is charged or is moved. (Electromagnetic Frequency Detectors = EMF Detectors). Therefore, anything that is powered produces EMF when its turned on and current is flowing.

It’s a scientific fact EMF can do things to your brain like cause you to feel out of balance, put you into a coma, or even make you feel like you’re being watched or followed Doesn’t that sound like something from many haunted houses stories? Bad wiring can really be a hazard both fire-wise and paranormally. So take EMF into account whenever you feel you might be haunted and get it checked out.

EMF can play tricks on your brain.
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Ghost Detectors Are Easily Manipulated

Apparently, those ghost detectors that are used to portray the presence of spirits are easily faulty. It seems the K-II meter can be manipulated just by holding it. Remotely, it can be controlled by radio signals. It can be interfered with by people in the room or unseen EMF activity in the area. So be aware that ghost hunting equipment is fallible.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Cause Hallucinations

There are other ideas like mold and carbon monoxide causing mental issues that could be perceived as ghosts. While I’m sure they are real possibilities, most people don’t have mold in their home and carbon monoxide causes death. I highly doubt these things are the cause of all the sightings that get reported. On the other hand, a desire to see a ghost is another cause that could very well be behind them.

The idea of the afterlife ignites enough passion in people to keep the most intelligent individuals glued to the topic. Truth is, people have been trying to prove that ghosts exists for decades. They explain various phenomenon and have come up with an entire methodology of finding disembodied spirits and technology to do it with. The more ghost hunters try to display to the world that ghosts are real, the more detractors will come up with explanations to disprove and discredit them. It’s a neverending cycle.

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