Haunted Duff Green Mansion

The  Duff Green Mansion was built in 1856 by Mr. Duff Green for his as a wedding gift for his new bride, Mary Lake.  During the Civil War used as a hospital for both Union and Confederate troops, and later as Convalescent home for Union soldiers recovering from their wounds. It was actually pierced by cannon balls five times, and one can still see bloodstains on the hardwood floors leftover from its time as a hospital.

In 1985 the mansion was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sharp. It was meticulously restored back to its antebellum glory and now serves as a pristine example of what a typical plantation house of that era looked and felt like.

There are numerous spirits that inhabit the place. The most famous of these is a Confederate soldier who hangs out in the Dixie room.  He must have been a patient in the hospital during the war, as he is missing a leg. (Amputations were very common in those days, due to lack of medical technology and the damage done by musket balls.)

The basement was used for operations and amputations.  Once the limbs were severed they were thrown out of a window and allowed to pile up outside the house.  Once the pile got up about the average height of a man, it was buried in a shallow ditch. When the house was being renovated, these bones were accidentally dug up and were then given a proper burial by the local funeral home.

Many visitors to the house have mentioned that when they go into the basement they can smell ether and other medicinal smells that would have been present in an operating room of that time. (Ether would probably by the least objectionable of these.) It has also been said that the Mistress of the house, Mary Green, still makes an appearance now and then. She has blonde hair and wears a green dress. People have mentioned her speaking to them and even touching them.


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