Mega List of Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year when witches cackle over bubbling cauldrons and ghosts whisper on a crisp, autumn breezes. Like every other year, there are always those people who don’t know what to wear for their costume and those who don’t have a lot of money to spend. You don’t have to have a lot of dough to make a brilliant Halloween costume. You just need a little creativity and ingenuity . . . well, some simple ideas would help too. Therefore! I have begun a simple, easy Halloween costume ideas list here.

Disclaimer: I haven’t made all these costumes myself, this is more of a brainstorm to get you going. But these ideas are so simple, just the idea should help you get started . . . or maybe they’ll spur other ideas to get you going in the right direction.  Think of it as a helpful service because that’s what it is!

At any rate, Halloween is right around the corner! Take a look at the list and see if you’ll be putting to use any of these costume ideas this year.

Spider Victim Costume

Many people hate spiders and this costume explains why. Whenever one of those creepy critters catches a meal, it wraps it tightly in a blanket of webbing. You can be that victim! In order to achieve this effect, you would get a package of spider webbing at the Halloween store. Then wrap it around yourself starting at the top of your legs (you have to walk, so don’t start at the ankles) then go all the way up, partially covering your face. If you want to look like a bug, you can wear all black and make antennae out of pipe cleaners. Otherwise, wear whatever you wish underneath. Leave one arm free so you can function (eat, drink, etc.).

Head of the Table Costume

Look who’s coming to dinner! This is a super easy costume, the only trick being finding a box big enough to wear. But that problem is solved by visiting your local grocer, if you don’t have one lying around.  Cut a hole in the center large enough for your head to fit through. Tape or glue two strips of wood inside the box where your shoulders will be, in order to support the box. On the topside, cover the box with a checkered table cloth, cutting a slit in the cloth wear your head will be. Hot glue dishes, silverware and napkins, to make it look like a settings. When you finally climb under your table, your head will pop through and it will look like you’re the centerpiece!

Post It Note Costume

Dress all in black. Hang two pieces of yellow poster board over your head, suspended by string. Close them together with string or tape closed. You can write on your Post-it note, any messages you want. Suggestion: “Note to self:” (on the front) “Get more Post-it notes” (on the back).

Mime Costume

A traditional character at Halloween, you can create this costume by wearing a striped shirt and black overalls, or suspenders with black jeans. Black hat (top hat or beret). Black, white and red face makeup.

Murder and Mayhem Costume

Wear an old suit which are available at thrift stores.  Find some old shoe boxes (or other boxes) and paint them grey, making them look like concrete blocks. Attach them to your shoes. For makeup, use white on your face and hands to create a sickly pallor. Dot on some blood so it looks like it’s coming out of your nose, mouth and ears. Give yourself a black eye. Maybe tie a rope around your neck and you’re a bonafide mob hit.

Caught in a Net Costume

Get yourself a fish net and drape it over you. Cut holes so you can stick your hands/arms through. Then glue, pin or tape fishing gear, shells and fake fish to the net.

Your Costume (has been) Runneth Over

Get an old suit at the thrift store. A light-colored suite would work best. Assemble the clothes so that the dress shirt is inside and lay the entire thing on the driveway. Then, paint one tire of your car black and run over the suite once to put a tire track on it. Mess up your hair and give yourself a ghastly makeover with white make up and blood.

For the Birds Costume

Glue a fake bird to your shoulder. Mess up your hair and put blood at your temple as if you’ve been pecked. If you can find a skirt and matching jacket, you could go as Tippi Hedren.


Use a white sheet and pin it at the shoulder. For a tailored look, use a rope or sash to tie at the waist. (Underneath, you can wear sleeveless undergarment and tights if you don’t want to be “exposed.”)

Tourist Costume

If you want a very comfortable costume, just wear a Hawaiian shirt, then wear sandals with socks on yur feet and a camera around your neck. If you’ve got a straw hat and fanny pack, it will top it off.

Basket Case Costume

Dress in black or in simple clothes. Take a cheap laundry basket and cut out enough of a hole to fit around your waist. If you need to cut the basket it half to get in, you can close it with twist ties. Put clothes in side and wear it proudly.

Beetlejuice Costume

Find a white suit at the thrift store and using black paint, create vertical stripes on it. (Place the pants below the jack before painting so that the stripes are continuous.) Use silver hair spray paint, make streaks in your hair and tease it out for a wild look. Use white face make up and create black eyes. Get yourself some ugly fake teeth, pop them in and you’re all set!

Mr. and Mrs. Zombie Costumes

Go to the thrift store and find a suite and wedding gown. Make yourself up as though it’s your special day. But then beat up your cloths and use white, black and red make up to give yourself that freshly dead appearance.

Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Do you have a cheerleading outfit hanging around the house, or did you find one at the thrift store? Beat it up using sandpaper and a cheese grater, then use white make up to make yourself look dead. Blacken the hollows of your cheeks and lavish yourself in blood. You’ll be a bombshell from the grave!

Shining Twins Costume

This is a good outfit for two female friends with the same hair color, preferably brunette. Find and wear identical dresses that resemble young girl dress. Each of you should part your hair on the side and use a barrette to hold it back. Then have fun splattering yourselves with blood.

Carrie Costume

Buy a long prom dress at the thrift store or find one in your closet. Make yourself up like  you’re going to prom.  Once you look like you’re ready for that big day, cover yourself with blood

Bag of Jelly Beans

Find a long sheet of clear plastic. Crawl inside and tape or staple the edges. Before sealing yourself up, fill the bag with colored balloons. Wear simple clothes underneath and close the neck with a ribbon.


Find a large box and make a hole for your head to fit through. Paint the box white, then use black paint to make the dots. Where black jeans and a black shirt underneath.

Energizer Bunny

Find a pink jumpsuit or pink pajamas. Find or make a drum and drape it over your neck. Make drumsticks out of two sticks (the sell dowels at the craft store) with red balls at the end (tennis balls painted red would work or Styrofoam balls or pompoms). Place bunny ears on your head.

Bunch of Grapes Costume

Find or buy yourself a couple of strands of faux leaves. You can find these at the craft store in the flower arranging department. Dress in a purple jumpsuit or pajamas. Blow up purple balloons and tape or glue them to your clothes. Wrap the leaves around your neck and head.

Toilet Costume

You’ll want to dress in white. After buying a new toilet seat and lid at the home store, place the seat over your head, with the lid behind. You’ll be the “life of the potty.”

Doughboy Costume

Wear all white with a white baker’s hat on your head.

Medusa Costume

Tie your hair up, preferably in a curly or wavy style – or tease it out so it’s really big. Weave small snakes throughout your hair. You can also weave in some green ribbons. Wear a white sheet as a toga, or buy a gown from the thrift store.

Hippie Costume

If you have long hair or access to a wig, you can wear a head band or bandana, skinny spectacles and a tye-dyed shirt. Add a vest and a peace symbol and/or medallion and you’ll look like a cool hippie from the 70’s.

Mouse Costume

Got a set of mouse ears? You can put them to use by wearing a black t-shirt, red shorts and black tights with hiking boots or tennis shoes.  Glue two white discs in front of the shorts so they look like buttons. Accessorize your outfit with white gloves and you’ll be all set.

Scarecrow Costume

Easy, easy costume created by wearing a straw hat, flannel shirt, and tattered jeans with a rope for a belt. Paint your face with adorable eye lashes and red cheeks and lips.

Slice of Cheese Costume

Take two yellow pieces of poster boards and get between them. Hang them from your neck with string then glue the edges together. Find a sheet of clear plastic and step inside, covering your front and back. Staple it shut so it looks like you’re a piece of cheese covered in plastic.  Create a Kraft logo and paste it to the front.

Ghost Costume

A classic that never goes out of style – use a white sheet and use a black marker to create a gaping mouth. Your scissors will cut out eye holes so you can see where you’re spooking.

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