If you’re looking for a horror novel that reads like a movie, Endurance may be for you.

Imagine the Bates Motel in a modern-day setting, except with multiple victims. You check into this odd, worn out dive and begin to feel like you’re being watched. You set something down and go back later, but it’s gone. You pass it off as imagination, but when you hear something under the bed, raising the bedskirt proves to be a very bad idea because something grabs you and pulls you underneath and through a trap door.

Endurance is a horror novel written by JA Konrath that depicts the horrors of captivity and torture. Folks with special blood types are cleverly identified, then corralled to this hotel by other “overbooked” venues in town due. Once inside, visitors can’t leave because the kidnapping conspiracy town-wide.

Turns out the reason for the kidnappings a peculiar need for blood for transfusions.

In this horror novel, you will learn way more about birth defects and in-breeding than you’d probably ever want to know. It does it’s part to get you creeped-out and is written in a way to keep you turning pages. It’s not completely unlike stories like Vacancy or Hostel, and some of the scenes will disturb you.

There is blood, gore and violence to satisfy the darkest horror fan, yet it lands gently and isn’t overly depressing like some dark fiction can be.

If you can stomach torture and horrific human deformities, you might enjoy this book.

It’s a fast read and worth a shot if you’ve got time on your hands and crave some real horror in a novel. This one isn’t watered down.


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