The Enfield Haunting and The Enfield Poltergeist

The Enfield haunting was a highly publicized, possibly paranormal, event. It occurred in the 1970s in North London. It involved what is now known as the Enfield Poltergeist and a young girl, age 11 named Janet. Janet lived with her mom, Peggy, and her brothers and sisters, Rose, Pete, and Jimmy.

The single-parent family lived in the housing projects at 284 Green Street. This was in Enfield, England. They were a typical family in most ways that got by as well as they could with Peggy as sole head of household.

The Enfield Haunting Started Suddenly

One day, the beds in the girls’ room began shaking up and down on their own for no reason at all. The shaking stopped. Next came the sound of someone shuffling across the floor. The sound occurred even when there was no one there. Peggy investigated and couldn’t find a source. To her dismay, the sounds were responses to conversations held in the room.

The disturbances increased and continued. The shuffling changed to knocking. And not only on the door or only on one wall. It happened on different walls. It was as if someone were moving inside the walls of the house. Trying to get their attention.

It was after a heavy chest of drawers moved across the room that Peggy called the police. There were officers called in and they, too, heard the knocking. One of them saw a chair slide across the floor on its own. They did what they could to determine the source of the reported activity. But not everything could be explained.

The Daily Mirror on The Scene

When they arrived, all the action stopped. However, just when they were about to pack up and go, the activity began in earnest. Toys began flying through the air. A toy flew and hit the cameraman in the forehead and actually made a mark that lasted a week. Developed photographs taken at the scene, revealed nothing.

Investigators from the Society for Psychical Research arrived. The whole thing became a huge, world-famous circus of media coverage. The investigators were present with the family nearly every day for quite some time. They concluded the poltergeist was triggered by Janet. And the activity was due to problems the family had with Peggy’s split with their father. The situation began to calm down once counseling came into the picture. Skeptics say the girls created the whole thing. Others on the scene said some things could be explained. While other things couldn’t be.

Skyliving created a 2015 television mini-series about the Enfield haunting. It stars Timothy Spall and Eleanor Worthington-Cox. The show spanned three episodes. Viewers raved about it. The show attracted a lot of attention. So much attention that it broke records for number of viewers. Almost two million people watched the opening episode. Viewers of the show say it’s a scary story without stupid scares.

Where to Watch It

At the time of this writing, you can watch the TV show Enfield Haunting on You can also buy the DVD on Amazon. On top of that, Amazon also has a book about the Enfield Poltergeist.

According to, the website of the show’s maker, the entity haunting the Enfield home was a voice that used knocking and barking to get started. After that, the voice morphed into the voice of an old man. Janet, an 11-year-old girl was talking to an old man throughout the investigations and news visits. The voice explained who he was and why he was haunting the house.

When it comes to poltergeist activity, the Enfield Haunting was the most documented and publicized account in British history. The ghost story became the basis for the movie Conjuring 2.

If you have Hulu, give the show a watch. It really is a good movie. I was skeptical before watching it. But the show convinced me there is truth involved.

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