Abraham Lincoln Ghost

The Abraham Lincoln ghost and story is well-known, making Old Abe one of the most famous ghosts in the world. He is a much beloved historical figure whose aspirations of freedom for all men continue to inspire individuals today, some 150+ years later.

Historians agree that Abe was a sad individual, many claiming that he suffered from clinical depression. If you think about it, though, who wouldn’t? The Civil War was horrific and destructive.  Between witnessing the ravages of the Civil War and the death of his son, the toll of loss weighed heavy on the man. Therefore, it’s no leap of the imagination to think Lincoln would be unsettled in death, since he was so agonized in life. Plus, lack of inner peace is just the kind of thing that can make for some ghostly activity.

Ghostly Insights

Abe Lincoln's Image
Abe Lincoln and the Civil War

In addition to his endurance of current events at the time, what may have added to his dismay was that Lincoln observed his own doppleganger. In other words, he say a double of himself. This is an omen of death. Otherwise, he experienced premonitions of his impending death.

I don’t know, but I think seeing yourself in multiple forms has got to be unnerving. Some accounts imply he knew he was going to be assassinated. That kind of thing can really make the future seem bleak, but maybe people were more preoccupied with death and misfortune back in the day. After all, they didn’t have the health care we do now, and many people didn’t even survive to be adults.  Unfortunately, this was true for Abe’s family as well.  

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. He lived 56 years before dying of a bullet wound in the head. The story of his assassination is well-known because it’s taught in schools.

Differing Stories

But other, lesser-known accounts say that one day Lincoln imagined he heard wailing and crying sounds reverberating through the halls of the White House. He then saw a pine box with concerned passersby looking down inside. The crowd said the President was in the box. They said he’d been shot by a gunman.

Another account describes an exhausted Lincoln who one day saw a double of his image in the mirror. This double had the same face, but its coloring was grayish, like the face of a corpse.  When his wife, Mary, found out about this, she grew very concerned.  That’s because she believed in mysticism . She held seances in the White House to attempt to speak with her dead children.

Nowadays, all of these types of things sound fairly ominous, perhaps because there are so many scary movies that use similar tactics in their plots to scare people. It’s important to remember that back in those days, people were more religious and more believing in supernatural origins. Spiritualism was at an all-time high during the Civil War. Families tried to reach out to their loved ones, lost to the horrors of such a bitter battle. Lincoln himself attend seances now and then.

Lincoln’s Sadness

If you’ve seen any pictures, you will notice that Abraham Lincoln appears as a solemn person. He’d lost his mother when he was young. Then he’d lost his second son, Willie, while Willie was just a young child. The Civil War ended at tremendous cost and Lincoln was not at all oblivious to the losses experienced by both sides of the conflict.

He was known for spells of sorrow and/or quiet reflection. This behavior is commonly witnessed during sightings of his apparition.

He’s been sighted in the Yellow Oval Room. He also appears near his tomb in Springfield, Illinois. Stories of his ghost have been around since the time his body arrived in Springfield from Washington. Overall, he is normally found in what’s currently called the Lincoln Bedroom, which during his Presidency, was really a meeting room.

Abraham Lincoln Ghost

Many folks claim to have seen the Abraham Lincoln ghost, including numerous First Families and celebrities. He’s known to be sad and quiet. He’ll also sometimes smile sullenly before vanishing.

The White House is known for its hauntings and what a remarkable place to be. With all the  drama, conflict and challenges of a presidency, there are certainly many reasons for the nation’s capital to have become haunted over the years.

But Abe Lincoln, of all the possible ghosts that could exist there, holds a special place in everyone’s hearts for what he did for America and what he stood for:  freeing slaves and making America a truly free country.

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