Dolley Madison – A Famous Ghost

The Ghost of Dolley Madison

By now, you probably know the White House is haunted. It has to be, right? With so many First Families through the years and so many triumphs and tragedies, the building itself might very well hold the echoes of the past leaders of our countries.

The famous ghosts that haunt the White House include Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abigail Adams, just to name a few. They’ve been seen everywhere from the Rose Garden to the Oval Office and even traipsing along in the East Wing. That’s where the First Lady has her office and where the the First Family lives.

But of all the famous ghosts there, which one do you think is spotted most frequently? That’s a question that’s been on my mind lately, especially since it seems that the White House is currently in so much turmoil.

It turns out that the Dolley Madison ghost is seen very often by various Presidents and their families, and I think I know why. But first, let’s take a look at who Mrs. Madison was. Okay? Sounds good!

Dolley Madison

Dorothy “Dolley” Madison was born in 1768, married James Madison in 1794, and became First Lady of the United States in 1809 when her husband was elected to the office. She died in 1849 of natural causes and was finally laid to rest at Montpelier Plantation, which is located in Orange County, Virginia, next to her husband.

Madison was known as the original archetype of the First Lady. She helped her husband with his political pursuits and was the hostess of the White House. She was the first to patronize a charity, and is credited with turning Washington, D.C., into the metropolitan capital that we all know and love today.

Mind you, this was back in the day when many of these things were “incorrect” for women to do. She was highly criticized for it at the time, too. But seriously, her activities are very much akin to those team efforts of modern-day First Ladies. Dolley was independent, intellingent and beautiful. She used her gifts wisely while her husband was alive.

Dolley Madison Ghost Sightings

Today, Dolley seems to be very attached to her rose garden, which is still on display at the White House. There’s a famous story about another First Lady wanting to uproot the garden, but Dolley was having none of that and appeared to the gardeners, who I’m sure were as confused by her presence as they were frightened.

This is the most famous sighting of Dolley Madison, but visitors to the White House who tour her home on Lafayette Street, where she lived until her death, have made mention of seeing the Former First Lady walking around or just observing the space.

The Political Scene

While most famous ghosts seem to be preoccupied with merely showing themselves, I have a theory that Dolley Madison may be trying to influence and do good in the White House.

Remember, her husband was known to be one of the most moral presidents in the country, and behind every good president is a brilliant spouse.

So it stands to reason that should Dolley be seen in the White House these days, she could show herself as a spiritual advisor to the President.

From Bill Clinton to Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, Dolley could be making herself seen in the White House from time to time to sway misguided politicians from making decisions that could harm the country.

I don’t know if Dolley is really taking time out to help the President, but it’s fun to think about it, isn’t it? It makes it easier to sleep at night, knowing that the leader of the free world might just be getting some advice from famous ghosts with lots of hands on experience.

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