Freaky Cemetery Ghost Captured on Video

Paranormal research requires steady nerves.  There’s only one thing to do when you’ve got a ghost captured on video . . . RUN!

Unless you’re a professional, that is. In that case, you have a duty and an obligation to keep it together my friend. Heh heh. Lucky you!

And you must do this even when you’re scared stiff. After all, you’re supposed to be the calm one, keeping a cool head.

Easier said than done sometimes. And if you think about it, being a ghost hunter is a tough job. Hour after hour spent alone in the dark – sometimes in damp places, other times in dusty, dirty places. Just you and your cameras and night vision gear. It’s not the most glamorous hobby in the world (or the cheapest!), but it might be considered one of the most unnerving. Or the most interesting, depending upon how brave you are.

Most of the time you don’t even realize you have a ghost on film until later when you revisit those same hours of tape, looking for paranormal evidence. It can take days to know whether or not your visit was a success, making the whole experience trying, to say the least.

This ghost video though, was captured by tourists, because some people are like that. What I mean is, they have a morbid fascination for the dead and travel great distances to visit graveyards. 😮

Whether it’s a love for the paranormal or a visit to see the dearly departed, graveyards can be highly educational … and creepy! The older the graveyard, the creepier. And actually, I’d venture to guess that old and creepy appeals to most people visiting this site. But I’ve been wrong before!

Cemeteries being educational, though. That’s a new concept or probably just something most people don’t think about. Hanging out in graveyards is actually a great learning experience. You can learn a lot about its subterranean citizens. Important information like who they were, who they were married to and their kids. And sometimes you can even discover how they passed on.

This ghost capture occurs in broad daylight when people feel safest (unless you’re a vampire, of course – you wouldn’t feel safe at all in broad daylight). You can see the ghost at the rear of the cemetery against a backdrop of trees. It’s not easy to make out the outline, and I find it easier to see the target before the video creator draws the circle, actually. In any case, the headstones and monuments appear quite old, so if this is a true ghost video, there’s no telling who it could be.

Is this a film trick or actual ghost captured on video? Give it a watch and see.

My thanks to WeirdFreaky at Youtube for the video!




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