Ghost Games

Can you hear the wind howl through the rafters? Or the rain pelting on the roof?  If you find yourself stuck inside on a dark and dreary night, you have the perfect opportunity to play some ghost games.


For me, I have to admit it.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like watching a ghost movie or reading scary book.  Sometimes I just want to relax and kick back. That’s exactly when I like to play ghost games. They’re great for relieving stress and forgetting about the cares of the day.  If you’re like me, you enjoy those engrossing hidden object games and a perhaps something very scary that you play with the lights down late at night.   I wouldn’t say that kind of game is relaxing, but it can be atmospheric!


Ghost Gamer Image
Ghost Gamer


I figure you all are a bit like me in some ways, so I’ve decided to put together a page on ghost games so you can enjoy a break.  For now, I’ll post them below, but over time I’m sure this section will grow and I’ll be adding pages.  As usual, check more as we create more and more content for you!


This section is word search.  Look into the letters on each puzzle and try to locate the words associated with each. The words can run left to right, up and down and diagonally left to right.


These puzzles are based on ghost movies. Can you solve every puzzle?


The Haunting

[download id=”1470″]



House on Haunted Hill

[download id=”1480″]



The Exorcist

[download id=”1477″]




[download id=”1474″]



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