Weird and Scary Ghost Girl Videos

There are numerous ghost girl videos circulating the Internet, and you may have come across them in your YouTube adventures. This page houses those videos that I think are scari(er), more interesting than others or somehow notable. While, anyone can become a ghost, it is children who seem to be especially susceptible to communicating with them.

In fact, poltergeist phenomena have been associated with adolescents and numerous theories have discussed the possible reasons for this. Some of those theories suggest that stress, anger or other negative emotions are at the root of the disturbances and that psychokinetic abilities are at play. Of the children associated with poltergeists, girls are the majority.

Additionally, ask any parent and they are bound to tell you that children (boys and girls) are more open to spiritual phenomena. Whether this is because children are young and more in tune with the spiritual realm, or because they have more vivid imaginations than adults, no one can truly say. But it is not uncommon for children to claim they have an invisible friend or for little girls to talk to their dolls. What is uncertain is whether those friends and dolls are imaginary or if they are in fact, spirits from the other side.

This video is security footage that shows a girl walk right through a wall. Can you explain why?



This video was undoubtedly the product of some pretty clever camera tricks. With software so commonplace now, it’s easy to see how this could be created at someone’s kitchen table or in the living room. But it is captivating, as ghost girl videos go. See what you think:



This one has been a very popular ghost video for a long time. It baffles me as to why and I include it here only because it is so widely known. I suppose it is possible to have a camera and stumble upon a darkened corner wherein a ghost girl sits crying, but it is highly unlikely. Hopefully that lead-in doesn’t ruin the video for you, but this is definitely one of the ghost girl videos that is not real. Do you agree or disagree? Take a look:



Another ghost girl video that has been debunked, but is still creepy and notable is this Japanese ghost video. Obviously a camera trick, the girl in the video turns her head, but the reflection in the mirror doesn’t follow. Watch it here.



Incidentally, in some cultures, mirrors are thought to be able to capture souls and some areas of the world cover mirrors after a death to prevent the souls of the living being carried off by those of the dead.



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