Shocking Ghost Mist Video

Aside from cold spots, one of the more common ways to know if you’re being visited by a ghost is if you’re carrying electronics and your batteries go dead. The reason for these phenomena is that paranormal entities try to use nearby energies in order to manifest.

What do I mean by manifest? Well, to manifest means to make one’s presence known in whatever form that would be.  Nobody really knows why, but ghosts vary in the way they make themselves known to the living world.

Some are able to interfere with or control electricity. That’s why some haunted houses have blinking lights – (before thinking your house is haunted, you should have the wiring checked though. Most of the time blinking lights means there is something non-paranormal going on. Check the lightbulb, make sure things are plugged in securely or call an electrician before heading down the paranormal route.)

Other ghosts emit smells. That’s why you’ll hear stories about aromas like ladies’ perfume, flowers or cigars. These smells can be the manifestation of a spirit trying to make themselves known. What about sounds? Ever hear stories about women crying or babies laughing? What about tapping and rapping on walls? These are examples of spirits manifesting and interacting with the living world.

In the video below, the author strolls through a cremation site and a mist forms. Could this be the manifestation of a spirit?



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Another Ghost Mist Video

This next video was found on the Daily Mail’s website. The footage was taken from CCTV tape. It contains the image of an odd and eerie mist that forms in the basement of a very old building in  Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.  It is speculated by paranormalists that the mist is the spiritual manifestation of monks who used to live on the property centuries ago. The original building burnt to the ground and claimed numerous lives. Possibly the lives of ghosts that may now be haunting the building.





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