My Ghost Story: Insomnia

Hi folks, I thought I’d kick things off by sharing my ghost story with you all. It’s nothing as spectacular as some I’ve heard, but it’s mine and I want to share it.


It happened years and years ago when I was quite young. Isn’t that how most of these experiences happen? Some think it’s because children have such active imaginations, while others think it’s because children are so open to the paranormal.  I don’t know what I think, but I know I was a pretty spooky kid.  I was always sensing things and was easy to tease. It’s kinda fitting that I’d have a site on ghosts later on in life.


At any rate, it was late at night.  We were having a sleepover with the cousins and a bunch of us girls was in bed.  We slept one after another in a row, in the big bed upstairs at my grandma’s house.  Funny how many little girls will fit across an adult bed. At any rate, as I said, it was late at night.  The room as very dark and everyone else was asleep.


Except me.


In the darkness, I sensed something in the corner of the room. My hair felt like it was standing on end. There was light coming in through the window, and it was shining checkers of golden moonlight onto the floor. But it wasn’t enough light to see well.


I tried not to move, because I didn’t want “it” to know I was awake. My gaze traveled down the long spread of blankets, across the floor and into the black shadow in the corner, all with my eyes only.  I dared not turn my head or shift my body.


The room was absolutely still and quiet.  After a few moments of staring “it” down, the rocking chair began to move on its own!


My heart beat in my chest so hard, I thought I was having a heart attack. My breathing was rapid and I struggled to hold it so the covers didn’t move up and down, where I would be discovered by the thing in the corner.


I’m not going to go on and on about it because that’s pretty much all that happened.  Except that I spent a very long night being terrified in that bed, unable to move and unable to close my eyes.  Because I was so frightened, I was frozen in a very odd position and my arm fell asleep.  I refused to move despite the pins and needles and eventually fell asleep hours later.


When daylight came, the house looked normal once again and all my cousins were up running around like the little doodleheads they were.  I had a very hard time being alone after that whenever I was in my grandma’s house. I kept the lights on all the time and always looked behind the door when entering rooms.


I don’t know what it was and passed it off as imagination.  But the chair did move because you could see the shadow moving on the floor in the moonlight.  My grandma did not have cats, but did have a little dog.  It was a Chijuajua, though, and it stayed in a crate all the time.  There were heating vents in the room that might explain what happened, but they were on the opposite walls of the room.


I never figured it out, but it scared me half to death.  My first experience with insomnia, so that’s the title I’m giving it.


Happy hauntings!




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