Ghost Tours, Ghost Walks and Haunted History Tours

Ghost tours are a good way to spook up your Halloween, but you can participate in one of these spooky adventures at any time of year.

  • Do you plan to vacation in a city that’s steeped in history? A haunted history tour is an activity that’s both fun and educational.
  • Looking for something different to do this weekend? You can take in a ghost walk or haunted pub crawl to get some space and break up the old routine.

Of course, the chance to see a ghost is exciting for most people, but there’s also the fact that most ghost tours are entertaining. Increasing your knowledge of history is always a good idea, too.

Just about every historical city has ghost walks and tours. You just have to know where to find them. That’s what this page is about. Think of it as a reference to be used whenever you’re traveling and need some ideas. You can also use it when you’re at home trying to figure out how and where to see a ghost.

To get started with my list, I’ll explore some of the United States’ most haunted cities first. It’s a good place to start as I compile this comprehensive index of sorts.

Haunted Cities with Ghost Tours

If you want to find a ghost tour, your chances are better if you reside in or near a location with a lot of historical background. That’s because history makes its mark on the people and the landscape in the form of conflict or social struggle. It is in these places where ghost tours are most plentiful and interesting.

New Orleans Ghost Tours

New Orleans is as Southern as you can get, but this Southern city has a unique twist. It’s an ancient port and melting pot of different cultures. Here, you’ll find French, Creole, Indian, African and Haitian influences, amount others. Back in the day, New Orleans was a major center for the slave trade with a history that is both bright and dark. The food, music and architecture make it a world-class destination. The history, above-ground cemeteries, and moss-draped live oaks make the folklore come alive. Take a ghost tour here and discover the sinister side of New Orleans.

Boston Ghost Tours

Boston was key to the founding of the United States. This city hosted the Boston Tea Party, endured the Boston Massacre and is known as the birthplace of the Revolutionary War. The origins of our country whisper on the winds here. If you’re going to the New England area, you should take a break and visit one of these ghost tours.

Savannah Ghost Tours

One of the original 13 colonies, Savannah is famous for its Antebellum history and Revolutionary War action that took place there.

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Gettysburg is stained with the memory of the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil. The loss of the life in The Battle of Gettysburg was devastating and haunts the US to this day. Needless to say, Gettysburg is a hotbed of paranormal activity which you can experience through a Gettysburg haunted history tour.

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, be sure to bookmark this page and check back for new items as they are added.

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