Scariest Ghost Video Clips Around

If you’re looking for ghost video clips, you might find these intriguing. These ghost videos are scary in the extreme, because something about them have that ring of authenticity. Give them a watch and see what you think.

Chilling Security Footage

This scary ghost clip is security footage taken at a pub. The owner of the tape, Jessi Furu, claims it was captured after closing the pub one night. The footage isn’t very long, and if you watch closely, you’ll see items in a basket that begin to move on their own. Would you be scared if you were alone in a pub at night and saw something like this on your security camera?

Many thanks to jessi furu for this video!

Creepy Lurking Faces

Do eerie faces peering out from dark corners or lurking behind grates creep you out? How about apparitions floating on the stairs? Personally, I don’t like the idea of being watched or followed by anything, so the ghost pictures in this video are a bit scary to me. See what you think: Be sure to visit VaultOfFear on YouTube. Thanks for the vid, VOF!



Scary Sanitarium Ghost Video Clip

Waverly Hills Sanitarium is infamous. Now vacant and abandoned, it was a hospital for those with tuberculosis, a serious, often fatal infection that attacks the lungs and other areas of the body. It requires administration of several antibiotics over a long period of time and is difficult to treat, which is why 50% of those who become afflicted end up dying. At one point, TB had reached epidemic proportions and places like Waverly Hills served as places for people to rest and recuperate, although most never left.

Waverly Hills is thought to be extremely haunted and is the subject of many movies, documentaries and paranormal investigations. Take a look at these ghost videos – evidence from an investigation – and see what you think.  Special thanks to alex153 on YouTube for this.

Scary Asylum Clip

This scary ghost video was supposedly taken in the Skillman Asylum in New Jersey. There’s not a lot to it, save the creepy stills of its decaying interior. However, this is a photo taken of the exterior. Through the windows peer the images of someone(s) from the inside looking out. Are these the faces of patients who had a stay here? Be sure to visit Unexplained Universe on YouTube. They made the video!


Mysterious Shadow

Here’s another pub ghost clip. In this one, a mysterious shadow passes by the camera. Is this a ghost or is it just an issue with the camera? Tim Browning made this one. Check him out on YouTube.

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