The Scariest Collection of Ghosts Caught on Tape

Congratulations! Your dark passage has brought you to my footage room full of ghosts caught on tape.  Here you’ll find my hand-selected collection of ghost videos and paranormal clips. You’ll be safe here as long you stay close to the walls and don’t answer the door for anybody you don’t know.


Why makes this room so special? Because finding your own online ghosts on tape is a labor-intensive task, full of pitfalls and loaded with disappointment. Most of what’s out there is foolery or obvious fakes. With my collection of pre-screened footage, the hunting’s been done for you. All you have to do is click and enjoy.


Old Haunted House
Ghost Illustrated

Of course, watching ghost videos will never replace the scares that an actual ghostly encounter delivers, but if you could become a ghost hunter, staying overnight in dark, crumbling buildings, you’d be filming your own ghost wouldn’t you?


Think about the hours it takes to set up, film and monitor all that footage. By the time you actually spot something, it takes hours and hours of work . . . and a bit of trial and error.


Let’s be realistic, though. Some of us can’t do the p-p-p-paranormal researcher gig. Heck, some of us can’t even stay awake all night! (Er, not that I speak from experience or anything ;-)).


Therefore,  it is you, the armchair ghost hunter who chooses to spend their time looking for ghost footage online who should enjoy this section most.  Besides, it is you who have the courage to even enter and roll the video!


If you love experiencing things that go bump in the night, you are in exactly the right place. If videos of ghosts give you nightmares, you may want to move on to something a little more sedate, like knitting — or perhaps a nice game of checkers?


Ghosts in Cemetery

If you’re courageous, browse our selection and decide for yourself if these videos are real.  Then make up your own mind if there really is life after death.


Those of you with a critical eye might ask the question: why do we look for ghosts caught on tape? Why do we watch?


The answer might include the fact that the paranormal holds a huge fascination for us. We would like to know what happens after the last breath escapes our lips, when we are laid in our grave for eternal sleep.


Do we live on or does our consciousness fade like the memory of our existence?


We’ll all find out some day, but in the meantime, enjoy a look at my collection of ghosts caught on tape.


Click a link below to go to that video page:

Real Life Ghosts

Misty Apparition

Creepiness in the Dark

Really Ghostly Videos

Pub Ghost

Ghost Girl Videos

Ghost in the Shadows

Animal Ghost

Cemetery Ghost



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