Freaky, Weird Security Ghost Video

This security ghost video is actually quite famous now because it appears to have made the news. It’s hard to determine exactly what the blue mist is that makes its way through the filling station, but it’s compelling.

Ghosts are said to “manifest” by drawing energy from objects in the environment. This can cause batteries to drain and electrical/electronic devices to fail. Such phenomenon could explain the blinking lights portrayed in so many late night ghost movies. When ghosts try to manifest, all sorts of weird stuff can happen.

This makes perfect sense because it is a known fact that the human body has a small amount of electrical current that runs through it. Perhaps it is the spirit that is responsible for that current. When the body is no longer living and the spirit exists independent of one’s body, perhaps it uses electricity to try to accomplish the things it used to do in life, when a body was available.

In regards to this security ghost video, though, it is hard to say Whether this is a ghost manifesting as a blue mist or some other camera anomaly. But at one Parma, Ohio gas station, a blue mist wanders through the filling area, stops and then moves on.

The gas station attendant is interviewed on this tape and you can see his reaction to the security ghost video.

Some people think this is fake because the mist is blue. That very well could be, because it could be the result of someone tampering with the security footage. All they would need to do is use a blue digital pen or brush and blot out the person underneath. The blue mist would then actually just be the obscuring the real image of a person.

The above is the only explanation this armchair ghost hunter can come up with. You’ll have to watch to see what you think.



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