True Ghost Videos – 3 Bone-Chilling Examples

True ghost videos are the best kind of ghost videos. Whether it’s a misunderstanding of natural phenomenon, or intentional tampering with footage, finding true video is not all that common.


Many people claim to live in a haunted house. They say things like Great Aunt So and So is still hanging around in their basement or up in their attic, and they can even list  tons of phenomena to support their claims. They’ll convincingly repeat accounts of rocking chairs that rock on their own, lights that flicker and strange noises in the night — all of which can make a house feel haunted.


Natural phenomena exist to make a house appear to be haunted when it actually isn’t. Think about electromagnetic fields, bad plumbing, bad wiring, rodents, birds and other animals. Therefore, solid paranormal evidence should always be sought before jumping to conclusions that one is being visited by a paranormal presence.


The most compelling proof that a house is haunted is evidence that comes from a camera. Whether that film is still or video, true ghost videos have the feel of authenticity.


Check It Out The True Ghost Videos


In this next video, the paranormal team called Garden State Ghost Hunters ( use a thermal imaging camera to capture an apparition in a basement hallway. This one looks like the real thing, folks!  See what you think.





Shadow people are apparition-type creatures that appear as dark human forms on film. In this next video, you’ll see what appears to be the image of a shadow person off in the corner. Take a look and see what you think.



This next video is the supposed apparition of a child in an orphanage. The film is a bit grainy, but if you look closely you can see it, particularly in the last shot. Take a look for  yourself.






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