Glamis Castle, Haunted!

Glamis Castle, haunted since the main keep was constructed in the 1400s, has been the home of the Lyon family ever since. During the 1600s a lot of additions were made to the main building. Turrets were added in accordance to the style of the day. This gives the castle a sort of “Fairy Tale/Prince Charming” ambiance.

The area has other, older structures on it dating back to Prehistoric times. A large stone, called the Essie Stone that has Pictish runes carved into it is one of the better known monoliths of the area. (The Picts were a Celtic tribe who were the ancestors of the modern Scots).

Glamis Castle, Haunted History.

The Castle has quite a turbulent history.  In 1034 King Malcom II was murdered there.

Janet, the wife of Sir Patrick Lyon, 6th Lord of Glamis was accused of murdering Sir Patrick and treason.  These charges were trumped up by the evil monarch James V. After the death of Sir Patrick, James wanted to get his hands on the castle himself. To accomplish this he had to get rid of Janet. (He did wind up living there for a while.)

Janet was kept locked up in a room of the castle, accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 1537.

During the 1800s the legend of the “monster of Glamis” came about. This was supposedly a horribly deformed child, raised out of sight of the public in a secret suite of rooms. He was also hopelessly insane. Local folklore has it that he grew incredibly strong and lived to be over 100. After his death the rooms were bricked up and have never been seen since.

During the 1800s the Olgilvie family, fleeing from their enemies the Lindseys, came to Glamis seeking asylum.  The Laird of that time locked them up in a room, threw away the key and allowed them to starve to death. This is known as the “room of skulls” and was accidentally discovered by a workman.

Earl Beardie was a Laird of the castle during the 1600s. He was a wicked, evil and debauched man of very low morals. He was lover of good drink and gambling. One Sunday he demanded that his servants play cards with him. The servants refused as it was the Sabbath. This infuriated the Earl and he proclaimed that he would “play cards with the Devil himself!”

The devil showed up and made the Earl promise they would play until doomsday and then took his soul. They went into a room to play and have not come out since. Supposedly a stonemason looked through the keyhole and was so horrified by what he saw he died. The room was bricked up.

Glamis Castle, haunted by the evil Earl Beardie still reverberates with the Earl’s cursing, swearing and ranting at his infinitely more clever and omniscient opponent.

The most prominent ghost is the “Lady in White”. This is Janet, who was so wronged by James the V. There is a ghost who walks around in a suit of armor who is supposedly the Earl of Beardie, who enjoys terrifying his victims while they sleep. Another ghost is a woman who has had her tongue cut out, who runs through the grounds with her hands clamped over her mouth.

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