My Halloween Clipart

I love Halloween and I also love doodling on my iPad. Some people knit to relieve stress, but I find it relaxing to create horrifying Halloween clipart with my stylus and mouse. Yes, I’m strange but it takes all kinds, right?

I decided to create a place to make my work available to those who visit the site. I think it’s a win-win.  Why is that? Because hubby and I love having visitors here and these original clip art creations give you one more reason to visit. We like to think of it as a year-round Halloween party of sorts.

Speaking of Halloween, do you have your horrendous holiday all planned out? If not, be sure to check out our other Halloween pages to get ideas to make your holiday special. I’ve got ideas on scary Halloween costumeseasy costume ideas, and cheap Halloween makeup.

On this Halloween clip art page, I hope to provide clip art of all types: the humorous, the scary and the fun, so it will usable by many. Just give me time to get things done and posted, and don’t forget…check back often for the newest updates.

Remember folks, this site is not suitable for children, so parents, please use discretion. I wouldn’t want you to send the little kiddies here and have them getting offended. That said, I know that you parents are always planning parties and get-togethers and can be handy with a mouse. You are the intended audience for this.

Okay? Here we go. The first images will be posted below, but as more arrive, I’ll try to organize this into categories so things are easy to find. With so many things to do, I can’t promise I won’t get behind, but if you’ll bear with me, I’ll clean house as soon as I can so this resource is easier to use and better for you.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!


Please note:

The below images are thumbnails. To download the full size of any of the below images, right click your select and choose “View in New Tab” or “Open Image in New Tab.” In the new tab,  right click that image and select “Save Image As,” saving it to whichever file on your computer you choose.

All images can be cropped, re-purposed or redesigned. They are free to use for any purpose, but we do appreciate an attribution if you use them on your website or in a commercial application.




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