Best Halloween Movies

Looking for the best Halloween movies to watch on October 31st?  Check out this list for some big scary ideas.

A big part of Halloween festivities are the Halloween movies. Everyone likes to get scared now and then. Halloween movies set the mood for the season, getting you good and psyched up for the night. Watch ’em while you hand out candy!


Horror Halloween Movies

The Best Halloween Movies (The List)

The Exorcist

This is an outstanding horror movie written by William Peter Blatty. It’s regarded as a masterpiece, which is uncommon in the genre. This movie has scored many awards and amassed nominations for many more.  With a-list acting, this is not cheesy horror in the least.  It’s got plenty of suspense and skillful scares to make it a must-see Halloween movie. 

If you’ve never seen it, this is the famous one with Regan. Remember her? She’s that demon-possessed girl whose head spins on its axis. She walks down stairs like a crab and literally the walls. It’s flat out terrifying in places and that’s not hype.

If you’ve seen it before, then watch it again. It’s not Halloween without a viewing of The Exorcist. Although, you might never feel the same way about split pea soup again!

House on Haunted Hill

A rich guy throws a party.  The party itself is a game. The guests are a group of strangers called together on a dare–and this is where the game comes in.  They have to stay in the house aaaall night. Those guests who live until morning will win large sums of cash.  It sounds like easy money, but as soon as night falls, the bodies start dropping and ghosts emerge from walls.
Vincent Price stars in this Halloween classic. The storyline is rife with danger, suspense, hanging corpses. It’s fun to watch, making it one of those perfect Halloween movies.

The Omen

Like The Exorcist, this is a movie that everybody talked about back in the 1970s. The subject? The coming of the Antichrist. These days, we’re more jaded but back then, these types of movies played on people mentally.
This movie also has some great acting with plenty of stars known for good chops. That’s why it’s on my list. It also has plenty of suspense and lots of scares. 
Harvey Spence Stevens plays the Antichrist (child) in this film. He does a great job of emanating malevolence. What else would you expect from Mr. 666? This is another classic, and another must-watch for Halloween.

The Sentinel

This movie plays on the heaven and hell, good and evil thing.  It’s about a supermodel who moves into an apartment building that turns out to be the gateway to Hell.  Of course, the realtor hides this, even though the tenant at the top floor is disturbing.
The nasty demons at hell’s gate want to get the lovely supermodel. They come out to get her.  The scenes in this flick are creepy and disquieting.
It’s a relentless movie with an undercurrent of suppressed evil. They’re all watching and waiting for the door to hell to open.  Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Blair Witch Project

A film crew disappears, but someone finds their gear in the woods later on. Found with their gear, is footage of the documentary they were working on. It was a documentary covering the history of Coffin Rock where a bunch of dead bodies was found.
The bodies were discovered together bound head to toe for some creepy reason. The movie follows the crew as they research the story and get lost in the woods. Later, they fall victim to a similar fate as the bodies they’re researching. It’s an unsettling film that’s known for scaring the living tar right out of you. Great for October 31st!

Paranormal Activity (Franchise)

Like Blair Witch, this is a series of movies made in the “found footage” style. It’s the first movie that turned ghost hunting into terror and did it well. There are lots of places where you will jump and you won’t be able to watch it alone. I dare you to keep the lights off.  Intense and scary for a good scare on Halloween.

Halloween (The Original, 1978)

Michael Myers is the notorious blade-wielding, mask-wearing psychopath who will not die. This horror villain gets up over and over again. But wait. Let’s back up. This is how it goes:
It’s Halloween and Michael has just escaped from a local mental hospital. He’s a lunatic murderer with a violent past, now on the loose and coming for the babysitters down the street. When the doorbell rings, they don’t know if it’s a trick-or-treater or what.
One thing’s for sure, if he ends up at your doorstep, you will not live long. This movie is underscored by that creepy “dink doo-doo, dink doo-doo, dink doo-doo, dink! doo” riff that announces the arrival of Michael Myers. 
It just isn’t Halloween without the real Halloween movie.

It Follows

You can probably rent this at any Redbox if it’s not already checked out. A girl tries to escape the thing that is chasing her. Turns out she’s just had sex.
In this movie, the “thing” is like a supernatural sexually transmitted disease. If you have casual sex, you will bring on this horror and it will not let you go. Very unique and sure to scare you. Want to know more? I wrote about it here.

The Babadook

Sometimes children’s stories can be terrifying. This movie is about a children’s tale. The story introduces The Babadook, a murky spirit that comes when called. It brings gloom and death upon your house.
That’s exactly what happens in this movie full of dread and ominous tones. It’s another very unique film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  You may forget to breathe. If you want to learn more, read my take on the film here.

The Haunting (1963)

This movie is based upon a story by Shirley Jackson. The main character named Eleanor and she spent her entire life caring for her invalid mother. Turns out, her mother was a relentless, demanding tyrant who made sure Eleanor had no life of her own. 
As the movie begins, the mother has just died and Eleanor is finally free to live a normal life. She answers an ad to take part in an experiment and agrees to spend the night in an old house. She takes her mother’s old car and against her family’s wishes, drives out to Hill House. 
The house drips evil and hatred. It’s a humongous, hulking piece of Victorian oppression.  What ensues will give you nightmares. You can’t call yourself a serious horror fan until you have seen this movie.

The Visit

Two siblings get to spend a week with their grandparents. They’ve never met them before. That’s because they’re estranged from their mother, who has not seen them in 20 years. 
Initially, the kids have a good time.  The grandparents spoil them with cookies. The house glows with good vibes. Nana and Pop Pop are the best grandparents in the world.  There is only one rule: don’t leave your room after 9:30 pm. 
As time goes on, Nana and Pop Pop start doing disturbing things that get harder and harder to explain away.  It’s not that the’re old, they’re actually creepy!
This is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen and besides being scary, is a comedy in parts. It’s got a range that’s rarely found in the genre.


Alien is a genre-bending sci-fi-horror flick. It involves a space-based refinery/spaceship and it’s crew. They respond to a distress signal from an unknown planet. 
Landing on the distressed planet, they find a derelict spaceship. Once inside, they encounter a mysterious room filled with large, leathery eggs. 
Turns out the eggs contain a nasty, spider-like creature that attaches itself to your face. It implants you with an embryo that turns into an even nastier critter with acid for blood. 
Plenty of surprises and good scares in this one.  There is one scene that is so scary it may make you jump out of your seat and scream!
Now you know the best Halloween movies to watch. So go and get your scares on! Happy Halloween!
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