Haunted House for Sale: List for Buyers or Boo Lovers

What kind of person looks for a haunted house for sale? Adventurous? Thrifty? Crazy? Whatever type you are, it’s all good. Because even if you’re nuts, you fit right in around here. 😉

Here’s the deal. I set out to look for a real haunted house for sale and brought back what I found to this page. My intent was to find out if people actually promoted their resident ghost or kept it hush-hush. I wanted to find out if it was all a load of bunk and if anything like it exists. You can see for yourself what I found and if you’re looking for a little place that goes bump in the night, maybe you could take advantage of this information for yourself and check these out. No commission required! But hey, you never know. I might just go into the biz.

Haunted House or Not Haunted?

Haunted houses for sale are stigmatized properties, distressed by a label reserved mainly for suicide and murder houses. However, there can be distinct bias against haunted houses. That’s because having a ghost in the house makes a label sticky even if no one died there.

Some states require owners to disclose the presence of ghosts. I was even surprised to find out there are consultants who make a living advising people how to make proper disclosures. For marketing purposes, there are spirit cleaners who whisk away the little specters and will certify a house as “not haunted.” Wild, huh?

These days, it can be a selling point to have a resident ghost. While in the past, a haunted property earned a black mark. Some advertise their house as haunted in order to attract attention. What this does for their market value is unclear, but it can actually create viral attention.

Then there are clever realtors who use a house’s “haunted-ness” (or lack thereof) to attract the attention of would-be buyers, as shown by

So without further adieu, I present to you thespooooky …

Haunted House for Sale List

The Devil’s Stone Inn

Beaworthy, Devon (UK) – This ancient inn is touted by some to be the most haunted in England. The property costs £450,000. This 400-year old converted farmhouse has a one-bedroom unit (for the owners?) and 8 rooms to rent out. This is on top of the bar and restaurant. It sits at the edge of the village square. The property is for sale because the owners are retiring. Maybe they’re tired of dealing with ghosts? Ghostwatch says the ghosts turn on the faucets and play tricks with bedding, among other things. Visitors to claim they haven’t encountered anything. Ghost or no ghost, I hear the food is good.

The Pillars Estate

Albion, New York – According to Zillow, this house is for sale for $450,000 which really isn’t bad, considering the place has got 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms over 7,228 square feet. It is a gorgeous Greek Revival-style mansion and the current owner is fairly picky about who he sells to. Apparently, the original owner’s caretaker is hanging around, according to this article.

Villa Paula

Miami, Florida – This mansion price tag demands $4.5 million. It’s reportedly haunted by the wife of the original owner who was Cuba’s consulate there. There have been disembodied footfalls and knocking heard. Door slamming and cat murders have been reported on the property. The mansion is no longer on the market as of this writing.

Beckett’s Castle

Cape Elizabeth, Maine – This 1874 coastal estate appeared for sale in 2017 for $3.5 million, but was taken off the market in early 2018, then relisted in May 2018. According to, the house sold in August 2018. The original owner haunts the house, playing tricks with bedsheets, closing doors and appears as a ball of blue light.

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