The Woman in Black Movie

There’s probably one thing we can all agree upon when it comes to ghosts. . . they’re hard to see! But what happens when they’re right in front of you, or right beside you, or whispering in your ear and you don’t know they’re there? There’s probably nothing creepier or more terrifying than realizing you’re standing or sitting right next to a ghost!

Well,  it’s scenes like that that happen repeatedly in The Woman in Black but let me tell you why.

Arthur (played by Daniel Radcliffe) is a young widowed lawyer  who is sent by his firm to handle the affairs of a woman who recently died. Her home, now abandoned, is situated on a remote marsh that few people visit.

When he arrives, he begins to see odd and unexplainable things. The old house is packed with elaborate relics and furnishings that in themselves lends for fantastic imagery and cinematography. Add some mood lighting and an understated style and you’ve got the recipe for a very spooky, mysterious movie.

The peculiar happenings continue only they get progressively creepy. Arthur discovers some papers in the house, among which are  letters to Arthur’s client (Alice) from her sister (Jennet). Alice had taken Jennet’s boy (Nathaniel) because Alice insisted Jennet was mentally unfit to be a mother. While in her care, Alice has a carriage accident in the marsh and escapes the frigid waters, but leaves Nathaniel behind. He is lost in the marsh without a proper burial. For this, Jennet is more than bitter and states her feelings in her letters to Alice.

We now have the “who” behind all the freaking ghost faces and whisper-like apparitions that are seen in and around Eel Marsh House.

But what does she want and how does she use Arthur to get it?

You’ll only find out by giving this creepy supernatural mystery a watch and its one haunted house movie you must see.


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