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If you’re looking for some spooky ghost stories, you’re looking for this page. Reading ghost stories is scary, sure, but visiting haunted places is scarier because there’s just no substitute for being there. At the time of this writing, Halloween is fast approaching and there’s a chill of fright in the air. However, even after Halloween has passed, these scary haunted places are open to the public and most are available for you to visit anytime of year.  New places will be added to the list, so come back frequently for updates. Now check the list below and see if there’s a haunted place near  you.


Haunted Mansion
Creepy and Haunted Places


Effigy Mounds National Monument

Northeast Iowa – When it comes to haunted places, this one is quite spiritual. In prehistoric times, Native American Indians created large mounds in the shape of animals, called effigies. These monuments are sacred and represent the beliefs of many long standing cultures.  The spiritual nature of these mounds is likely the reason this park, consisting of some 200 animal-shaped mounds, is reportedly haunted by Native Americans. Like any other sacred place, please be sure to respect the area if you visit.


Hull House

Chicago, IL – This house was run by Jane Addams, the renowned pioneer in social work whose life’s work was devoted to the needs of women and children. Years ago, rumors circulated that a deformed child was given to Hull House for refuge. It was said that the child had devilish features like pointed ears and cloven feet. The child became known as the “devil baby” although Jane Addams denied its existence. Reports of a wild, animal-like creature that roams the house, peering out of windows still occur today. If you visit Chicago, it’s one of the haunted places you should look up.


Willard Library

Evansville, IN – Founded in 1881, this library was built and privately donated to serve the needs of the people in the area. The benefactor was Willard Carpenter who bequeathed much of his estate to the library upon his death. His wife, Louise Carpenter, wasn’t exactly overjoyed by such a large donation and contested the matter.  Despite her efforts, she lost her case and now haunts the library. Her presence isn’t malicious, though, and appears often. You can see it on these webcam shots.


Pickens County Courthouse

Carrollton, AL – Fire has been a problem in Pickens County and someone had to be made the scapegoat! A slave named Henry Wells was captured in 1876 for supposedly burning down the new Pickens County Courthouse, which was built to replace the first one that had burned down. It was a stormy night when they came for Henry, with lightning and thunder all around. At the very moment of his hanging, lightning struck and Henry’s reflection was etched into the pane of glass through which his final gaze was fixed.  That burnt-in image exists to this day. If you visit this haunted place, you’ll find the location of the window indicated on the side of the building. There are permanent binoculars across the street through which to get a closer look.


Lincoln’s Tomb

Springfield, IL – This is the final resting place of the 16th President of the United States, who took a stand and abolished slavery. Despite his contribution to mankind, his stance on human rights created many enemies with vested interests. As a result, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and died on April 15, 1865.  Afterwards, his body was moved several times before finally being laid to rest at the tomb in Springfield. Theft of his body was attempted at one of his temporary grave sites and rumors circulated that his body was missing. Visitors have reported the sounds of sobbing and footsteps around the tomb as well as a ghostly Abraham Lincoln.


Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia, PA – War is very scary business. Death and destruction are its major components, so it’s not hard to see how ghosts can proliferate in battlefields and war zones. Fort Mifflin is very old and was established in the 1700s. It was an active battlefield in the Revolutionary War and housed prisoners of war. The fort was retired in the 1960’s, but is still in tact and haunted by several ghosts. Through the years, a faceless man and a man dressed in a Revolution War uniform have been sighted on the fields. The bloodcurdling screams of a woman are said to be alarming enough to call the authorities, but when they arrive, no one is found. Fort Mifflin offers fun paranormal excursions, for those who want visit this haunted place and see the paranormal activity for themselves.  Check out this page for more haunted places in PA.


Sloss Furnace – Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama – Some of the most unlikely places can become National landmarks and Sloss furnace is one of them. This site is an old blast furnace from the 1800s used to smelt iron for use in commercial applications. It helped to build Birmingham and now preserved as part of the country’s heritage. Numerous paranormal investigations have taken place here, with reports of banging, knocking, and whistles blowing, as well as more violent physical confrontations. Being a National landmark, Sloss furnace is open for tours and invites photographers to take advantage of the interesting shapes and textures available on the site. Halloween season is a time to celebrate the resident spirits, as Sloss Furnace becomes Sloss Fright Furnace, a spooky haunted house for fun and scares.


Paris Catacombs

Paris, France – Different cultures have different burial practices, but sometimes those practices are borne out of practicality. In this case, France ran out of room for conventional graves and needed a place to bury its poor.  So they created an ossuary, which is one, very large grave where lots of bodies were placed after death. With over 6 million dead and buried in this world-famous location, there’s bound to be a ghost or two hanging around.  Many visitors claim to have seen something there. You can check it out for yourself by taking one of their tours.

Courthouse – Lake Charles, Louisiana

A woman was electrocuted in the 1940s for first degree murder.   She had been a prostitute who killed a patron and later tried in the courthouse for his murder.  She was convicted and sentenced to death there.  Some say they can hear her screaming and smell her hair burning. Others say she wanders the courthouse and plays with the furnishings and office equipment.


Fort Chaffee

This old Army training camp has been the site of numerous paranormal happenings including shadow people, disembodied voices, cold spots and a disembodied arm.  The place has a history of violent activity including riots, physical attacks and suicide.  This is one of the haunted places featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures.



This is one of the haunted places in Connecticut. It’s actually a ghost town that was founded by some Welsh immigrants back in the late 1700s. It is located in a remote part of Connecticut and some have heard the sounds of children playing, wagon wheels and the sounds livestock there.

Bodmin Jail

For over 150 years, criminals and debtors were imprisoned and executed here. Who haunts the place and what is there now?

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