How to Tell if Your House Is Haunted

You may wonder how to tell if your house is haunted if unexplained things keep happening to you. Like hearing voices or footsteps. Or unnerving things that cause you never to want to be alone in your own house. Whatever it is that’s going on, take a deep breath and don’t jump to conclusions. Instead of freaking out, check out this list to see if you’re living in a haunted house or if there’s some other reason for what you’re experiencing.

First Sign in How to Tell if your House is Haunted : Cold Spots

If your house is haunted and ghosts are trying to manifest, you will get cold spots. Keep in mind this happens in just about any house, especially older ones that aren’t insulated well or energy efficient. So the chill needs explaining. If you want to know how to tell if your house is haunted, check the windows and doors for drafts. Then make sure the fridge door is closed. Then if there’s nothing to explain the cold spots, keep your eye out for other signs of the paranormal.

Shadows can be a way to Tell if your house is haunted
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Electronic Disturbances

Do your lights flicker, or do you have odd electrical interferences? Do your batteries go dead suddenly? This can be cameras, voice recorders, cellphones – anything that has a battery. If so, it could be the sign of a paranormal presence because ghosts extract energy from their surroundings in an attempt to manifest. They don’t have their own physical power, so have to draw it from outside themselves and electronic devices.


If you’re selling perfume or tobacco that isn’t yours, check to see if there’s someone in your place that could be causing it. If that proves harmful, check your trash in case somebody tossed away an item or items that could explain it.  Ghosts often define their presence through the use odors and fragrances. So if there’s no apparent reason and you’re learning how to tell if your house is haunted, just know it could be the sign of a haunting.

Objects that Move or Disappear

Sometimes ghosts will move things to try to get your attention or to play games with you. This takes an enormous amount of energy though, so it isn’t common. If objects keep moving from their assigned place or if things like furniture suddenly appear in the wrong place, you could have a ghost in your house. If you’re investigating how to tell if your house is haunted, check it out. Maybe your roommate is the one who moved your shoes. Or perhaps it’s someone in your family trying playing tricks on you.


The next way to tell if you’ve got ghosts is animal reactions. It’s nothing new to say that dogs, cats, and other animals have heightened hearing kills and an awareness of things beyond what the eyes can see. Dogs will bark at things that aren’t there. Cats will hiss at the corner of the room, but our eyes don’t know who or what they’re battling. If this happens to you repeatedly, it could be a sign your house is haunted.

Animal Reactions are One Sign in How to Tell if Your House is Haunted
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Feeling Watched

Another way to tell if your house is haunted is the feeling of being watched. A lot of people who live in haunted houses say this happens a lot. If there is a presence in your home, it will sometimes come from a corner of the room or some other place in your house.  It could be a way to tell that your house is haunted.


Does your house have darkened corners, even on sunny, well-lit days? Do you see things move out of the corner of your eye? If so, first get your eyes checked. Make sure the shadows you’re seeing aren’t because of some physical object sitting in front of a sunny location. If all of those things are eliminated, your house may be haunted.

Opening Doors

Do you have doors that open and close on their own? If so, you could be experiencing a haunting. Sometimes, you might feel an unknown someone sitting on the bed with you. Or maybe one of your kids’ toy trucks powers up on its own and begins rolling across the floor when nobody is even near it. Or if your daughter’s doll starts talking and it’s sitting alone in a chair. This is a very strong signal someone unseen is visiting you.

Levitating Objects

This one goes without saying because what would you think if you saw objects levitation? It’s a rare phenomenon and pretty unexplainable unless you live over some sort of vortex that manipulates the earth’s magnetic fields. If you’re looking to tell if your house is haunted, his one will likely generate an immediate call to a paranormal investigator.

Levitation is a Strong Signal in How to Tell if Your House is Haunted
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Finally, How to Tell if Your House Is Haunted

This list is how to tell if your house is haunted. Keep in mind there are usually everyday, mundane reasons for all of these things. If any of these things happen to you, be rational, and look for logical, physical reasons for what you’re experiencing. Do not jump to conclusions. It actually might be a good idea to log these activities in a book. Call in a paranormal investigator and get your house looked at. ­­ Here’s a good place to start with that. You can also check out this page to discover other real haunted houses.