6 Reasons It Follows Is Good and Takes the Horror Crown

I say, move over, Mama! Take a back seat, Babadook! Your glory days are over, Paranormal Activity! Oh, I don’t mean that. Sorry Para, I still love you! …What I really mean is, It Follows is a really freaking good horror movie!

Good horror movie and scary, scary, scary, this movie IS scary!

What makes it so good?

I know some people won’t believe you when you say a film is a good horror movie. Fair enough, because this kind of thing is so subjective. Just to give you a clearer picture of what I mean by “good”, here’s my list:

  1. The acting is more than acceptable
  2. The retro soundtrack brilliantly punctuates the on-screen activity
  3. There is no gore – a rare treat in a genre overrun with bloody flops
  4. It’s suspenseful. I mean agonizing, make your skin crawl kind of suspense
  5. The camera shots are masterful, clean, deliberate and highly skillful
  6. It’s unique

Is there a downside?

I have to admit the movie’s premise turned me off from seeing it at first. I’m wondering how many other people this happened to, actually. The fact that kids get a new kind of STD from casual sex – and a supernatural disease at that — sounds flat out stupid, frankly. The odd thing is, it works! And it makes this movie another one of those creative originals that scares the pee right out of you! Not literally, thank goodness. Although, strapping on a Depends is probably something we’re all gonna have to do at some point. AN-Y-way . . .

Actually, the opening scene blows away any doubts that this time it is a truly good horror movie. The foreground of the creepy, jarring soundtrack background will shock you. Then the movie gets rolling.

What’s It Follows Like?

Think back to The Ring. Remember how playing the video got you stalked by that crazy, ugly ghost girl with stringy black hair? And how once she caught up with you, she could do some really nasty things to your face? Well, it’s kind of like that, but it’s not one ghost and it’s not a videotape. You have sex and you’re followed by some kind of ghost-looking monster that changes appearance at random. It’s invisible to the rest of the world, but to you, the promiscuous one who should not be boinking that guy or girl from Science class – to you, this monster is real, solid and very scary.

Who’s In It Follows?

This is only the second full-length film by Director David Robert Mitchell, and judging by this film’s effectiveness, there will be many more in his future. Young and pretty Maika Monroe stars. I think her on-screen presence is similar to Brittany Murphy. Co-star Keir Gilcrisht already has 42 films in his filmography despite being only 23 years old.

A talented crew with a very scary story makes this one a must-see for horror fans. Your scares will come from the way the film makes you cringe and not from the usual bones, brains, and blood. I’ll say it again at the risk of repeating myself: this is a truly good horror movie!

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