Mama the Movie

Mama, The Movie is a Very Scary Ghost Story

If you’re like me, you might think the title  for Mama the movie a bit childish. Let’s face it, the horror genre does tend to be geared towards a younger set who find chainsaw-wielding serial killers running hacking through crowds of bikini-clad babes to be quality entertainment. Yet for every stereotype there’s an exception and there are folks out there like me, who like to be scared but could do without the worn out cliches that go along with the genre.

Take my word for it though, and don’t let the title fool you. This is not a kid’s movie. It’s a full-fledged horror flick with scares to get even the staunchest skeptics’ adrenaline pumping.

Mama the Movie Has a Unique Plot

We all know the economy sucks and many have taken hits. Some have been devastated financially and not everyone has dealt with it well. Such is the case of  Victoria and Lilly’s  father who suffers a nervous breakdown after losing everything in the economic collapse.  In a state of pathological desperation, he takes his daughters to a remote cabin to put an end to their lives and his, but is circumvented by a spirit who has been hiding there for generations. Apparently, the spirit is quite protective and won’t let harm come to any children in her vicinity. As a result, the ghost puts an expeditious end to the father and his murderous ways.

The downside to this? While the girls are saved from harm, they are left to grow up in the remote forest alone which has dire consequences on their social development. By the time they are found, both girls can barely talk and the youngest is feral for all practical purposes.

The story then, is about what happens when they go to live with their uncle and his girlfriend and how the girls adjust to civilization. More than that though, it’s about what happens to their new family as they begin to care for and parent the sisters.

It’s a Quality Film

Produced by Guillermo del Toro (maker of Hellboy, Pacific Rim and Pans Labyrinth) the acting is good, the cinematography stunning and the special effects ominously creepy. This isn’t one of those low budget, no-talent movies.

It’s Scary

With the ominously creepy special effects and darkish setting, the movie is mysterious and suspenseful throughout. In fact, it artfully emits a sense of dread.  Dread is not so good if you’re making a lighthearted comedy, but for horror movies, it’s perfect. It sets an anxious tone that crescendos at times with scenes that make you jump, literally.

It Won’t Insult Your Intelligence

Instead of bloody, in-your-face slashing and bashing, Mama relies upon more intelligent ways to scare you.  That’s not to say that chainsaws and meat hooks aren’t valuable props in the scare department, but it’s really nice to experience  the nail-biting, edge of your seat  fear we horror fanatics crave and be able to do it from a higher level.

It Won’t Leave You Soon

A quality scare with a unique story, Mama the movie will disturb you for days afterward and you won’t likely be able to watch it alone. It’s worth adding to your collection if you have one, and definitely worth renting, which you can do here.

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