Marie Laveau – Ghostly Voodoo Queen

Marie LaVeau injected herself into the collective consciousness of New Orleans by making herself into the most powerful, feared and beloved Voodoo queen of her time. She emerged into this world in the year 1794. She returned to the world of the spirit in 1881, at 87 years old.

LaVeau commanded a presence that could be both compassionate and arrogant. Tall, statuesque, dark-skinned but with features that were more Caucasian than Black, she displayed her attributes with a legendary self-assurance.

All levels of New Orleans society, from the poorest of laborers to the wealthiest politicians and business tycoons whether black, white, or in-between came to Marie for advice, potions and spells. She traversed the many hills and valleys of New Orleans society with an ease that left her contemporaries stung with the spurs of envy.

Marie LaVeau Magic Success Formula

LaVeau practiced the religion of Voodoo. Voodoo consists of a complex mixture of Catholicism and various rituals and beliefs left over from the animistic religions of the West African slaves that were brought to New Orleans by  the French during the 1600s and early 1700s. Voodoo is a religion that you are supposed to apply to the everyday problems of life. Need to get rid of an annoying lover? There is a potion or a spell for that. Business not doing so well? Sales down? The local Voodoo priestess will provide you with the needed remedies. LaVeau did just that and made herself enormously successful at it.

She gained her success by exercising her considerable talents for networking and building relationships, especially with the wealthy and powerful. She obtained these opportunities easily through her occupation as a hair dresser in the early 1800s where she had plenty of chances to hob nob with New Orleans’ elite. She did not indulge in elitism herself however. She was known for servicing both rich and poor, oftentimes giving her services away for free to those less well heeled. She made herself into one of New Orleans’ most beloved (and feared) historical figures.

It is said that her ghost haunts the St Louis cemetery, wandering  aimlessly and muttering Voodoo curses. Her spirit also manifests itself as a black cat with glowing red eyes that can be seen slinking in and out of her mausoleum as she makes her rounds around the cemetery.

It is said that even now, one can address her as a spirit at her grave and get a wish fulfilled.  That is why, when visiting St. Louis cemetery, you will find so many gifts and offerings at Ms. LaVeau’s graveside.  Even in death, LaVeau shows herself to be generous and caring, but what girl can resist a little bling.  It sure seems to work on this Voodoo Queen.

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