Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost

Rising above the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard is a white monolithic building atop which stands the sign for the also world-famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This hotel has been the famed abode of such celebrities as Montgomery Clift, Errol Flynn, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and even Angelina and Brad Pitt. It is claimed that somewhere within the walls, Marilyn Monroe’s ghost lies in wait to be sighted by some unsuspecting visitor or employee, but for what, we don’t know.


Perhaps these sightings are Marilyn trying to tell us something since many in the world are unsettled and disturbed about her death. Unsettled, because she was so beloved. She was an icon of her day and inspiration for men and women of every decade since. And disturbed, because of the questionable circumstances surrounding her death. Some can’t believe or agree with the coroner’s verdict.


In the middle of the night in August, 1962 Marilyn was found dead in her bedroom at her Brentwood, California home. She had been dead for several hours, her body discovered by her housekeeper when she knocked on Marilyn’s bedroom door at 3 AM. She had the feeling something wasn’t right. Unfortunately, her suspicions were correct and Marilyn was code blue, surrounded by bottles and bottles of pills.


The coroner called it a suicide, claiming that there for no signs of foul play and that Marilyn had exhibited earlier signs of unstable behavior. Her mother, in fact, was a known paranoid schizophrenic and it had been determined that Marilyn was destined for the same fate.


But let’s back up. Here’s Marilyn Monroe, a blonde bombshell in the 50s, back before many of you were even born. It was a time when guys didn’t have the social restraints they have today. Back then, there word no guidelines for political correctness. There was no such thing as a sexual harassment lawsuit and Marilyn, pursuing an acting career fell into the dumb blonde roles given her in the day. She’s not the only woman to use their looks to get ahead.  Kim Novak, Britney Spears and even Madonna have done it. Sex sells, after all. And sometimes it’s the only way to get your foot in the door.


But Marilyn was attracted to and sought after by famous and powerful men who may not have always had her best interests at heart. For example, she married Joe DiMaggio, a baseball superstar who was violently jealous and beat her more than once. It is rumored she had an affair with John F. Kennedy,  a known womanizer, for whom she gave the famous performance of the song Happy Birthday (Mr. President).


Was it violence that ended her life? Was she too close to John F. Kennedy and his brother and someone had to do away with her? Is that what she’s trying to tell us and why she continues to appear? At this point nobody knows. The coroner says otherwise and called it a suicide by overdose of barbiturates.


The day Marilyn died was a sad day for the entire world. She is an example of how Hollywood’s influence can have a sad and tragic impact on the lives of those who pursue the lifestyle. Although, the glamour and the glitz is something many still pursue.


They say Marilyn Monroe’s ghost wanders the halls of the Roosevelt Hotel. Her reflection has been seen in the mirror by employees cleaning the room where she used to stay. She’s been seen in photographs and that the cabin she loved to visit. She visits her home in Brentwood on occasion, but her favorite place is the Roosevelt. What a sad and terrible and to a life that graced the silver screen.

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