The Creepiest News Ghost Video Ever

News ghost video clips are quite compelling. Perhaps that’s because reporters, journalists, and newscasters tend to have high credibility due to a reputation for integrity and ethics. But that reputation probably doesn’t take into account the National Inquirer or New York Times

But I digress.

More and more frequently these days, local news channels are picking up paranormal stories and including them in their broadcasts. Many times, paranormal teams are interviewed before or after a major investigation. The stories can highlight different places in the area, perhaps pulling in visitors to the town from the surrounding region. Paranormal content is good for the town and good for the ratings. And with our current economy, any publicity is good for business.

The burning question, I’m sure most of you want to know is, are news ghost video clips real? One would think so, since they are being shown during the same broadcast as legitimate news. It’s the same place where we learn about the world and obtain much of our political information.

However, this positioning can be quite misleading because news stations are usually not presenting the clips for factual means. The segments are filler or as I said earlier, a ratings puller or in the case of Halloween, interesting seasonal content.

News reporters are not paranormal investigators. They don’t know what a K2 meter is, what a EVP is, or how to catch entities on infrared. But they do know how to ask questions and report and who doesn’t love a paranormal story?

So I’m not guaranteeing these news ghost video clips are real, but I can tell you that they are intriguing – in an exceedingly creepy way. The way we like it here at Nightmare Point.

In this first video is a clip of a news program out of Louisiana that displays the photo of a night creature taken by a hunter. Whether or not it is real is questioned by many, including those quoted on the news program. But the image is rather disturbing and I thought you’d be interested in giving it a watch.

Take a look and see what you think. While you’re doing that, I’ll be looking for more videos.




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