Orb Ghost Videos

Orb ghost videos are controversial because of something called pixelation. Actually, this problem is more prevalent with point and shoot cameras than with video, but the concept remains regardless. Because a digital camera is made up of pixels – tiny dots of light in varying colors – there are times when those pixels become faulty and the resulting image is a dot or smudge on film.

Because of this issue, many people discount orbs as nothing but paranormal junk. There are other reasons for this dubious attitude including real life possibilities known as dust and insects. These particles can “float” and reflect light. This movement gives them an ethereal quality, one that can be very convincing.

Here at Nightmare-house.com, the jury is still out on whether orbs are truly paranormal entities or if they’re just spectral silliness because in some of these, it certainly appears as though there is something sentient involved.

Keep in mind, that we all have abilities beyond the “everyday” norm. At certain times we can all exhibit those abilities and operate independently of our bodies. “Knowing” in advance that someone is coming to visit, hunches that prove to be true, catching something before it falls, are all examples of abilities we humans experience frequently, but pass off as coincidence.

Consider the possibility that orbs are spiritual entities or particles of spiritual matter, perhaps manifestations of individuals who are demonstrating their out-of-body abilities. That’s what the videos here are all about. Click the arrows to see what I’m talking about and judge for yourselves if these are paranormal ghost videos or just floating debris.


Bright Light Orb



This bright light was taken at McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois. Obviously several people are seated in the frame when a spark of light streams across overhead. One of the individuals is monitoring the area with a piece of equipment and report their findings on their Haunted or Not YouTube channel.

The back story is that McPike Mansion was built in the 1860s and is reportedly haunted by the spirits of the McPike family. Paranormalists love to visit and try to capture their own glimpse of ghosts reported there.


Tiny Orb Ghost Video

Sorry folks, this video was made private and is no longer available. I’ll try to find a replacement.

Ghost Hunter of Stockton California posted this YouTube video that shows a tiny light floating across the carpet. You can almost envision that it might be some sort of shiny beetle (possibly), but as it moves it dissipates as though it is vanishing in thin air. Could this be paranormal?


Faint Orb



Screamos posted this YouTube video of a faint orb passing across the screen. At the beginning there is a flash of light, but ignore that. I believe that is the reflection off the door. It’s towards the middle or the end of the clip.  Again, it could be a material object floating across the screen, but its movement makes it hard to imagine what kind of bug it could be. Dust particles just aren’t that large.

Thanks for watching! Be sure to check back as new videos arrive.



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