2 Compelling Paranormal Apparitions

An apparition occurs when a spirit is able to successfully manifest its presence visually. This is done psychically of course, since there is no physical body to generate the energy. But that’s if a ghost is active present. In the case of residual hauntings, the ghostly image would be a psychic memory, left behind to replay itself over and over again.  Those seeking evidence of the supernatural hope to catch glimpses of these manifestations. Below are three possible instances of spiritual manifestation.

Video #1 – Imagine walking down the street past a building that is known to be vacant or abandoned . . .

You look up and see an eerie-looking face in the window. Could it be a ghost or is there another explanation? In this creepy video below, we see someone standing in the window. Tips Paranormal thinks it may be a ghost. Check it out:




Video #2 – Do animals have souls?

If you’re an animal lover, you may have trouble agreeing with those who think animals have no souls. Admittedly, there are some animals that just don’t seem to be altogether soul-ful, but there are plenty of others that do.

In this video, we see what could be a cat or other animal running in the background. The video runs at very slow motion and the animal can be seen at the back right of the screen.

Hellufaflyer presents this video. Check it out here:




So what do you think? Were any of those videos valid evidence of paranormal apparitions? Feel free to comment on their YouTube pages if you wish to share.

And stay tuned as I look for more ghost videos for your booing pleasure!



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