3 Paranormal Ghost Videos

Paranormal ghost videos are not easy to capture and often controversial. Skeptics frequently try to discredit the paranormal field by citing lack of evidence as the reason it’s not real. To say that the paranormal doesn’t exist is almost like saying there is no spiritual universe. Speak to any spiritual person, clergyman or religious individual and you’ll likely get a much different argument, and a passionate one at that.

Man has always been preoccupied with his after-death fate, so the fascination is not something new. Unfortunately the physical answers remain elusive for those who believe the afterlife exists. Instead, we rely upon glimpses of otherworldly existences through the captures of others.

The videos on this page are just that. View them and see if you think they offer answers to what will happen to you when your body is dead and buried.

Video #1

Man has always been afraid of the dark. That’s one reason the discovery of fire was such a milestone!  The dark can be filled with creepy, crawling, horrific things or at least that’s what our imaginations tell us. Because of our imaginations, the dark can be terrifying.

What’s more terrifying than the night creatures that fill our dreams? When our eyes are closed and we are dreaming, we are at our most vulnerable. But what about paranormal entities that visit our sleeping spaces? What influence do these things have on our dreams, our thought processes and if such things are allowed to go on, how are they affecting our lives?

In this video, you’ll see what appears to be a spirit trying to manifest. What if this were happening next to your bed as you tried to sleep?

Watch out for cold spots and hang onto your batteries, this one could be a real ghost!

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Video #

Some people think that orbs are fly-by-night substitutes for paranormal ghost videos or evidence. In this case, fly-by-night also refers to those nocturnal beings that move in the shadows primarily at night. In this video, we see an orb fly across the room in a compelling display. Is it a true being of the supernatural realm, or is it a figment of the imagination — something with more mundane and explainable origins?

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