Frightening Paranormal Video Clips

Frightening paranormal video clips can be found without having to watch paranormal television shows. Many amateur and would-be ghost hunters hang out in scary locations pursuing evidence and ghosts on film. Their material is posted publicly and readily available – if you know where to find it. We cull online ghost videos and bring you the clips we think are worthy of a watch.

On this page are several videos that might actually be real. Gasp! They are presented here so you can view them and decide for yourself if they are actual examples of paranormal evidence. We make no guarantees, except that you will be a little more curious or a little more creeped out than you were before you watched them.

To view any video below, simply click on the arrow, sit back and enjoy!

Ghost Clip #1

This one is a short ghost video – perfect for those with no or little attention span. A camera is positioned so that it shows a hall at the top of some stairs. What you’re looking for is quite faint, but it is possible to see a shadow, mist or object that passes in front of the camera.  MaximumDisclosure, who you can find on Youtube says this is a strong case of paranormal activity. What do you think?


Ghost Clip #2

In this clip, something moves in the background, even though the video owner (Brett SINAustralia of Youtube) says nobody was around at the time. Is this a paranormal clip or is it someone moving the other room?


Ghost Clip #3

Here’s one that is somewhat convincing. As with all ghost videos, this one goes on for awhile with nothing happening. But then, just as you’re ready to call it quits, something pretty interesting appears. Go to 2:14-2:15. That’s when you will see it. Be sure to visit Harvckbuffalofan on Youtube because this is an awesome clip.




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