Poltergeist Video

Back in 1980, Steven Spielberg created the spooky film Poltergeist. There, chairs were stacked by unseen hands, toys come to life and a very scary entity reaches out of the closet and takes little Carol Anne to the other side.  You can see her on TV on the “ghost channel.” You know, the one with all the static?? That’s Hollywood for you. Well, that was probably the most famous poltergeist movie.  But there have been countless true accounts of this type of haunting through the ages.

They say poltergeist activity is actual created by the energy put out by an adolescent. That someone teen spirit causes the actual disturbances. Some believe that the disturbances are actually pranks performed by the child which in turn deceive the parents and other adults.

Whether objects move on their own or through the will of some unseen spirit, poltergeists have scared people for centuries.

In the footage below, various objects move on their own in the view of a security camera. The question is, is this a true poltergeist video?

Various things can prompt people to fake footage like this. Fame, monetary gain, or just being a prankster and doing it for laughs. I can’t confirm or deny either way, but the possibilities are interesting.

Take a look for yourself.





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