Amazing Real Ghost Caught on Video

Look for a real ghost caught on video? Check this out …. For a decade, we’ve had paranormal television shows and we’ve all enjoyed watching those  TV guys capture some really great paranormal evidence. We’ve seen footage of full-body apparitions, objects move by unseen hands, shadow people, KF meter reactions,thermal imaging impressions and countless doors that close by themselves, humans attacked by ghosts and cries from disembodied spirits in the night.


The amateurs don’t have the equipment or resources to gather such sophisticated evidence. They rely mostly on their cameras and besides ghost videos, ghost pictures are also compelling. It’s one thing to talk about seeing a ghost, but quite another to present proof of it – compelling proof that you’ve seen one.


Video is probably the most compelling form of paranormal evidence, because the viewer can see the context of the subject and can judge for himself if the tape was altered or rigged or if there is some other reasonable explanation for what has been found.


Myrtles Plantation


is notoriously haunted by Chloe, the spirit of a slave girl. As the story goes, she was punished for eavesdropping by having one of her ears cut off. One day, she decided to to retaliate and baked a cake with oleander leaves in it and fed it to the children. Oleander leaves are poisonous to humans and while she only intended to make them sick. What was done was done, though, and she was in deep trouble. Turns out she had murdered not only the children, but the wife as well. In short  order, Chloe was hung from a tree in the yard. Legend has it that the slave girl still roams the grounds and is one of the most famous ghosts at Myrtles for tourism.


In the following video taken at Myrtles, it appears that something unseen takes a seat on the bed. Could this be Chloe or another ghost that lives there? Check it out. (Watch closely. This one moves fast.)


Thank you Haunted or Not? for this video!





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