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There are ghost videos and then, there are real ghost videos online.

What is a ghost? Science hasn’t nailed it down exactly, but a good layman’s explanation is that a ghost is a disembodied spirit. Some people believe they have a spirit, but what makes more sense is that we actually are a spirit. Like water in a vessel, we’re a life force inside a container and that container is our body. Better yet, think of a it as though we’re wearing a suit, a body suit. Then, when we die, there is a separation between body and spirit and that freed spirit is then present, but unseen–hence, a ghost.

This theory explains a lot. It could explain why some people see so many ghosts and why children, having recently found and assumed their own body, are more susceptible to spiritual contact than adults. Like a tender reed, kids have not yet learned to deny the spiritual world.

Many people believe that ghosts or spirits are a type of energy that can actually be measured. Some equipment, such as KF meters and digital thermometers can distinguish a spirit from the surrounding environment through readings. In any case, the videos below seem to portray those energy sources in various ways.

Video 1

This first video shows a twinkling, floating light that passes through the room. It could be a feather, but the light appears too transparent.  What do you think about it?


Thanks to Highspirit75 on YouTube for the vid!


In this paranormal investigation footage, something inexplicable flies across the room. Of course, it could be a bat, bird or insect, but that doesn’t totally fit. Take a look at this to see if you can figure it out.


Thanks to mellowb1rd on YouTube for  the video!

Video 3

This video will probably move to another spot, but for now you can watch it here. Ghost Seekers posts a cemetery pic that portrays what appears to be two apparitions. One of a girl and another of a solider on a hill. See how convinced (or scared) you are when you take a look.


Be sure to visit Ghost Seekers on YouTube and thanks for the video!

Video 4

The following video is chilling. Paranormal investigators capture a ghostly entity in an old, pitch-black cellar. It’s not someplace I’d want to be, but if you’re a dedicated paranormalist, it’s certainly an exciting find.


If you liked this video, be sure to visit threehumpscreatives’s channel on Youtube for more.



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